Coach's Orders: Turn Off Your Wi-Fi

Outside catches up with the author of "Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health, and Life" to find out if it's possible to train at a high level while having a family, job, and life outside the...

OCR's Energizer Bunny: Brad Kloha

Brad Kloha refused to quit. His body told him to. His mind did too. And more than a few loved ones face-palmed when they’d see him hobbling around after races, knees wrapped in ice. But he kept going...

The Next Big Thing

Kai Lenny is a 21-year-old hailing from Paia, Hawaii who also happens to be the breakout star of the SUP world, having paddled his way to six world titles.

Turning Climbers Into Real Athletes

Climbers typically have little understanding of basic training principles. And changing that will unleash a whole new breed of alpine expert.

How to Beat the Blerch

When The Oatmeal comic-strip author Matthew Inman first started running, he invented an invisible fat cherub called the Blerch. Years later, after he’d logged hundreds of miles and shed his extra...

The Most Punishing Man in Fitness

On a sprawling farm in Vermont, Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena runs a business and a fitness crusade. He'll train anyone who shows up, with one major caveat: You must submit to his every cruel and...

How Josiah Middaugh Dominates Multisport Races

Multisport athlete Josiah Middaugh kayaked, ran, mountain biked and road biked all the way to a combined-event time that led him to the pinnacle of Mountain Games titles—Ultimate Mountain Challenge...

Did George Hincapie Save Cycling?

In his new memoir, George Hincapie delves into his past, examining his relationship with Lance Armstrong and his own choice to take performance-enhancing drugs. In an extended interview, he explains...

Hincapie: Why I Testified Against Lance Armstrong

In an exclusive excerpt from his forthcoming book, The Loyal Lieutenant, George Hincapie must choose between testifying before USADA about Lance Armstrong or retiring from the sport.

From Drug Addict to Ironman

Shane Niemeyer started exercising in prison after hitting rock-bottom. We talked to him about his path to become a regular Ironman competitor who's now gunning for a spot at the World Championships...

Polar Plunges Are For the Weak

Ever wanted to swim for a mile in just-above-freezing temperature water? Didn't think so. But a handful of swimmers are taking the challenge.

Endurance Training at 40+

“The heart is a muscle. If you train it, it becomes bigger and stronger, so the pump can be more efficient.”