Do You Enjoy Getting Muddy? Here's Your Race

There's a boom in offbeat races—gravel grinders, obstacle-course runs, cyclocross events—so it's never been easier to experiment with a new sport. Here's how to decide which one's right for you.

The New Drug of Choice?

Michael Rogers has tested positive for the muscle-builder clenbuterol. Like teammate Alberto Contador before him, he claims the positive was caused by eating "tainted meat." Should we believe him?

Training Tips for Power Paddling

Serious boaters, including 28 year-old professional kayaker Rush Sturges,will tell you the only way to train for whitewater paddling is to go paddling.

Live by Bike

Never mind the health and environmental benefits. It’s good for the soul.

Looking to Up Your Air Time? Jump On the Trampoline

Professional freeskiers train on trampolines, you should, too. These simple jumping exercises will help you add something more flashy than "The Cricket" on the kickers in the terrain park.

The Single Fitness Stat You Need to Know

A new study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggests a reliable, yet simpler way to find your VO2 max: An online estimator using your age, weight, sex, waist circumference,...