Sun Salutation A

3-10 series per session

Sun Salutation A     Photo: Sean Dungan. Location provided by Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Health Spa, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1. Start standing, big toes together, ankles an inch apart, arms at your sides with fingers spread.
2. Inhale, lift your arms outward and above your head, pulling your torso upward.
3. Exhale, sweep your arms downward, and bend forward. Keep your back straight as your hands reach the floor (bend your knees if necessary), and then relax your back and let your head hang at the bottom of the exhale.
4. Inhale, place your hands on your shins, and lift your chest and head.
5. Exhale, place your palms on the floor, and walk your feet back into push-up, or "plank," position.
6. Inhale, lower your chest to the floor, point your toes back, push your shoulders up so your back is arching, and pull your hips toward your arms. (Those with back trouble should rest on their knees.)
7. Exhale, turning your toes under, straighten your arms, and lift your waist into "downward dog": butt up, legs and arms straight. Lengthen your torso and rest here for five to eight breaths.
8. At the start of the last inhale, either lunge or walk both feet to your hands and return to position four.
9. Exhale and release your back and head.
10. Inhale, stand straight with arms above you again.
11. Exhale back into the start position. Repeat.

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