Injury Prevention

The New Brain Injury Test for Cyclists

If you want a snapshot of the way head injuries were treated in professional cycling until very recently, start with the viral images of

The Foam Roller Is Your Workout Frenemy

First, some praise for the device that's become a staple of every runner’s self-help/torture plan: It’s very nice. You can’t hurt yourself with a foam roller. Sure, you could...

Inside the Debate on Athlete Heart Screenings

Will Recla joined the cross-country team at Lindbergh high school, in Renton, Washington, in the fall of 2012. On October 3, Recla, one of the most talented freshmen on the squad, underwent a...

How Dangerous is Heat Stroke?

On average, nearly 700 people die each year from extreme heat. It's the most serious threat to your outdoor summer workout, but there are ways to reduce the danger—

The Inside Guide to the Ultimate Obstacle Race

To be a Spartan, you must be able to accept any obstacle that is thrown your way. Spartan fitness spans all planes of motion, which means the training regimen needs to include body...

Until the Teeth Fall Out of Your Head

One day, during your struggles, you look down at your thigh. You should see a familiar scar from an old childhood wound. But now that scar has begun to pull apart, skin separating, as if the...