Eight Breakfasts of Champions

No one podiums at noon or tags a summit at dusk without a proper first meal. We examine the science behind eight breakfasts of champions.

The Save-the-World Diet for Athletes

Researchers say the plant-heavy Mediterranean diet could play a key role in curbing global warming—and keep you fit, with some important tweaks.

Your Olive Oil Isn’t Virgin

More often than not, when you pull a bottle of “extra virgin olive oil” off a grocery-store shelf, what you’re getting is not, in fact, extra virgin.

Your Sandwich Sucks

People who eat sandwiches tend to eat 300 more calories and 25 percent more sodium daily than those who don't. But that doesn't mean sandwiches are bad—it's all in the construction.

5 Top Flu-Fighting and Cold-Crushing Foods

Come winter, your diet can determine whether you'll end up bedridden with a cold or the flu. Stave off seasonal ill-ness with these immunity-boosting foods.

Why There's No Such Thing as a Superfood

It isn't glam or sexy, but a balanced diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables is still the best "super-power" diet going—despite new rankings.

Can I Use Halloween Candy to Fuel My Training?

Your workout snack is totally your call—successful athletes have been kicking ass on all types of fuel as far back as we can tell. So whether it's Gu or Mr. Goodbar that you take down on mile 12 is your call.

Can You Chew Your Way to a PR?

There has to be a better way for runners to get caffeine than through coffee and energy drinks. That better way is Run Gum, a candy-coated gum that packs 50 mg of caffeine into every piece.