Never Get Sick Again! 5 Cold-Crushing Foods

Come winter, your diet can determine whether you'll end up bedridden with a cold or the flu. Stave off seasonal ill-ness with these immunity-boosting foods.

Candy-Fueled Workouts? Yes.

Your workout snack is totally your call—successful athletes have been kicking ass on all types of fuel as far back as we can tell. So whether it's Gu or Mr. Goodbar that you take down on mile 12 is your call.

This Gum Will Help You PR

There has to be a better way for runners to get caffeine than through coffee and energy drinks. That better way is Run Gum, a candy-coated gum that packs 50 mg of caffeine into every piece.

The Cyborgs Among Us

The people who crowded the second-annual Biohacking Conference may be drinking snake oil or actually onto something. One thing is certain: This is one of the fittest, most attractive group of...

Even Athletes Are Addicted to Junk Food

Most diets don't work. It might be the fact that athletes are hard-wired to eat more junk and will power isn’t enough to stop craving high-calorie foods. But simple foods swaps are.

Fat Makes a Comeback

Long shunned by endurance athletes looking to stay lean, the enemy is having a moment

Fasting Is Your Secret Weapon

Put down the GU. Step away from the Sports Beans. Leave the Gatorade at home. New studies show you stand to gain athletically from skipping carbs strategically.

How Elite Runners Really Eat

Like the true elites they are, professional runners Sara and Ryan Hall’s food obsession runs circles around us mid-packers’. Not only do these two run faster than you, they also eat better.

The Rules of Running Drunk

According to a recent paper in the Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine, running while drunk is no more taxing on the body than sitting while drunk.But really, even though it may not be the...

Only Fitness Fools Cut Carbs

Before Dr. Robert Atkins launched his low-carb diet in 1972, there was Banting, the fat British man who needed to slim down, so his doc put him on a high fat-low carb (HFLC) diet. Presto change-o, he...

6 Great New Energy Bars

It’s conventional wisdom that what you eat before, during, and after exercise effects both performance and recovery.