Avoid Race-Day Pitfalls

The six most common race-day mistakes

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter on Toast     Photo: Sang An

Ultracycling Hall of Famer Steve Born, 52, who finished the grueling Race Across America (RAAM) three times and won Southern California's 500-mile ultra-endurance cycling event the Furnace Creek 508, knows firsthand that no matter how hard you train, you risk failure—or worse—if you don't properly fuel. During his fourth attempt at RAAM, he overhydrated, voided all his electrolytes, and ended up in the emergency room after only 200 miles. Now, as the fueling guru for Hammer Nutrition, which makes performance bars and gels, Born helps others avoid painful lessons. Here are the six most common race-day mistakes—and advice on how to correct them.

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