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Is Any Amount of Sugar Safe?

It's official. Sugar is killing us—and our economy. With the average American eating 40 teaspoons of the sweet stuff a day, the related health care costs have reached a...

Why You Need a Water Appetizer

Can you lose weight just by downing a glass of water before dinner? The idea seems straightforward: You drink water before a meal, your stomach fills up a bit, so you eat less. But does...

Why It's Impossible to Just Eat Less

All it takes is diet and exercise, but losing weight is improbably hard to do.  Keeping it off is even harder, and most diet and lifestyle interventions fail. A review of essentially all...

The Paleo Endurance Secret

One of the central principles of competitive endurance exercise is that when your muscles can’t get enough glucose you...

Why You Need to Be Doing Burpees

What is the best predictor of when you’ll die? That seems like a hard—not to mention morbid—question, but, incredibly, study after study is showing that simple tests of...

When Exercise Turns Deadly

The scientific evidence supporting high-intensity exercise is very solid. This is true for elite athletes, people who are just

Can You Get Too Much Exercise?

The big, scary news over the last year for exercise aficionados is that “too much” exercise might be “bad” for you. The idea is that the stress associated with exercise...

The Right Way to Interval Train

In case you haven't noticed, high intensity exercise is in. These days, the focus is on interval training—how the truly elite athletes get in peak shape. And the 

Exercise Will Save Your Brain

The news on Alzheimer’s disease doesn't paint a pretty picture. As the population ages, there will a