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Why You Need a Water Appetizer

Can you lose weight just by downing a glass of water before dinner? The idea seems straightforward: You drink water before a meal, your stomach fills up a bit, so you eat less. But does intuition...

Why It's Impossible to Just Eat Less

Most people live in a low-activity, high-food “obesogenic” world, and it takes constant effort to stay active and eat smart. But why is it so easy to make the wrong decisions? One explanation is...

Cracking the Sub-Two-Hour Marathon

A new record has been set in the marathon, edging us 15 seconds closer to the two-hour mark. Will we get any faster?

When Exercise Turns Deadly

We're told to exercise to stay fit and healthy, but sometimes training routines turn deadly.

Lessons from the Boss

Not all celebrities are train wrecks. Sometimes, they're perfect examples of what we should be doing to stay healthy and happy.

The Biggest Fitness Myths

As quickly as exercise scientists work to banish them, new fitness misconceptions rear their ugly heads. Meanwhile, other untried and untrue myths just won’t go away. Here, we round up a few...

Exercise Will Save Your Brain

Forget about wonder drugs, a spate of new research shows that exercising today is the key to staying sharp tomorrow.

10 Sports Injuries Waiting to Happen

You exercise to get fitter, stronger, or faster—not to end up in the ER. Tip the odds in your favor by avoiding potentially dangerous missteps and choosing our safer (but still effective)...