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Demystifying the Best Compression Strategy

As tight as they are bright, compression socks, sleeves, shorts, and pants promise to boost performance and recovery. But scientists aren’t entirely sure how—or if—compression gear works as...

This Man Will Make Nordic Skiing Cool

Simi Hamilton is bring nordic skiing back. He won a solo World Cup race in Switzerland last year–the first for an American in 30 years. And this winter, at the World Championships in Falun, Sweden,...

The Dirt on Gym Hygiene Standards

When it comes to a fitness club's cleanliness, there are very few rules—at least as far as legal responsibilities go. Here's how to tell if yours is up to snuff, and what you can do to avoid harmful germs.

Never Get Sick Again! 5 Cold-Crushing Foods

Come winter, your diet can determine whether you'll end up bedridden with a cold or the flu. Stave off seasonal ill-ness with these immunity-boosting foods.

Skip the Resolution: Try These 5 Brain Hacks Now

Sports scientists believe behavioral science is the new frontier in pumping up our performance. Here are five behavioral science concepts scientifically proven to make you a healthier, better athlete.

This Is What Happens When You Slouch

The athlete with perfect running or lifting form but a terrible slouch is all too common. And it's a problem. Practicing good posture can strengthen your core, protect against injuries, and make you a more powerful and efficient athlete.

Your Desk Will Save You. Here's How.

Super-engineered chairs created to cure back pain 10 years ago were so comfortable that no one got up. Today, concerned ergonomists like Dr. Mark Benden are championing standing as a way to cure the...

FKT Up? Kilian Jornet's Insane New Sport

With warp-speed ascents that include the Matterhorn (1:56) and Denali (9:43), ultrarunner turned alpinist Kilian Jornet Burgada is the king of the endurance world's latest obsession: fastest known...

The Fastest Celebrity Runners at the NYC Marathon

Sunday, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki — this year’s US Open runner-up —will be racing her first marathon, only a week after a semi-final loss to Serena Williams at the World Tennis Association...