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The Concrete Jungle Is the World's Best Gym

I was waiting at the checkout counter of a drugstore in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, when a human cannonball sailed past the window. I glanced around. Did anyone else just…?

Lessons from the Paleo Guru History Forgot

More than 76 years ago, a visionary Australian coach had an epiphany that forged a generation of super-athletes: true fitness is all about translating fear into raw power.

Real Athletes Throw Knives

What can you learn by chucking tempered steel blades into a target? Performing to potential is all about trusting your instincts.

The World's Most Intense Fitness Program

When a longtime triathlete took on a Kokoro camp—a beyond-extreme fitness challenge modeled on the Navy's hell week for SEAL candidates—his first question was purely about the pain: Can I survive...

The Save-the-World Diet for Athletes

Researchers say the plant-heavy Mediterranean diet could play a key role in curbing global warming—and keep you fit, with some important tweaks.

Why the Russian Runner Doping Scandal Matters

For years, it seemed like drug testers would never get ahead of cheaters. The Russian bribery scandal raises an even scarier possibility: the testers are dirty too.

Is It Okay to Gain Weight During the Holidays?

I'm a runner coming off my competitive season, and I've been super vigilant about watching my weight. Is there anything wrong with gaining a few pounds over the holidays?

Your Olive Oil Isn’t Virgin

More often than not, when you pull a bottle of “extra virgin olive oil” off a grocery-store shelf, what you’re getting is not, in fact, extra virgin.

The One-Day-a-Year Fitness Plan

More pain quest than workout, misogi is the secret, punishing ritual that has revolutionized Atlanta Hawks supershooter Kyle Korver's game. You have time for this—if it doesn't kill you first.

Should I Worry about My Irregular Heartbeat?

Unless that flip-flop feeling is accompanied by chest pain, dizziness, or fainting, an occasional heart palpitation is probably nothing to worry about—especially in young, healthy athletes and frequent exercisers.

Your Sandwich Sucks

People who eat sandwiches tend to eat 300 more calories and 25 percent more sodium daily than those who don't. But that doesn't mean sandwiches are bad—it's all in the construction.

The Foam Roller Is Your Workout Frenemy

First, some praise for the device that's become a staple of every runner’s self-help/torture plan: It’s very nice. “The bigger problem,” Barb Hoogenboom says, “is that foam rolling is putting a...