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Train Slower, Race Faster

New research suggests that most endurance athletes—even weekend warriors—must slow down to get fast.

The Hidden Costs of Online Race Registration

Since its founding in San Diego in 1999, Active Network has quickly grown into something like the Ticketmaster of the outdoors. But its product—an outsourced handling of mundane event...

How the New York Times Got Fitness Wrong

New York Times Magazine contributor Heather Havrilesky attempts to paint the CrossFit-fueled turn toward functional fitness as the latest fitness fad—a troubling turn toward the extreme that is no...

The Running Lawsuit You Need to Follow

Late last month, Competitor Group Inc., the San Diego-based parent company of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series, was sued for using volunteers in place of paid workers. The suit was filed in Missouri...

How to Grow a Super-Athlete

As a species, we're living longer and having fewer children. And that's a fantastic development for amateur athletes—and society as a whole.

You Should Try Parkour

Parkour-specific gyms are popping up around the country, and the training discipline that involves getting from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible–often by jumping, swinging, flipping, or rolling–is worth incorporating into your workout regime.

The New Injury-Proofing Rules for Runners

Renown physical therapist Kelly Starrett lays out movement standards for runners. Meet them, and you'll stay out of his office. Don't meet them, and you shouldn't be running.

To Get Fit, You Need to Get Strong

Mark Rippetoe believes the $27 billion fitness industry is confusing you. Worst of all, they're doing it on purpose to nab your cash.

To Catch a Doper: The Lie Detector Test Solution

The Clean Protocol program asks athletes to truthfully say that they're not getting any extra help. If they can convince a computer, they get a seal of approval. But will the sports world accept it?

No, All Energy Drinks Aren't Sports Drinks

Even though most of the evidence is anecdotal and the studies—which continue to pile up—don’t yet know exactly why, the link between energy drinks and a racing heart (or worse) seem pretty...

Stop Falling for Fake Fitness Click Bait!

Every once in a while, a story appears that makes scientists cringe: the Single Study Syndrome story. Relying on a lone study without adding context is not only misleading, but often useless.

Even Athletes Are Addicted to Junk Food

Most diets don't work. It might be the fact that athletes are hard-wired to eat more junk and will power isn’t enough to stop craving high-calorie foods. But simple foods swaps are.

10 Secrets to Make You a Faster, Happier Runner

First it was the 5K. Then came the marathon. Now, the need-to-run race is the ultramarathon. When you are putting that many miles in a day, there are definitely some tricks of the trade you need to...