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The Foam Roller Is Your Workout Frenemy

First, some praise for the device that's become a staple of every runner’s self-help/torture plan: It’s very nice. “The bigger problem,” Barb Hoogenboom says, “is that foam rolling is putting a...

Why We Race for Charity

Why do we spend so much time raising money to compete in events—many of which don't require fundraising to compete? The answer lies in one of sport's greatest paradoxes: running for others is one of...

Is Compression for Competition or Running Recovery?

Scientists aren’t entirely sure how—or if—compression gear works as advertised, questioning its usefulness in competition and recovery. Presenting the current state of constrictive affairs.

Why You Should Ditch the New Year's Resolution

Sports scientists believe behavioral science is the new frontier in pumping up our performance. Here are five behavioral science concepts scientifically proven to make you a healthier, better athlete.