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Fat Makes a Comeback

Long shunned by endurance athletes looking to stay lean, the enemy is having a moment

You've Been Recovering All Wrong

Forget RICE. Suppressing the body’s inflammatory response to exercise may actually delay healing. To recover right you need to move, eat, and move some more.

Why Is Nick Symmonds So Happy?

Nick Symmonds just penned his first book, wants to take the road race 800-meter world record on October 17, and is training to run the first sub-five beer mile at the Beer Mile World Championships in...

Running Blind in the Grand Canyon

In 2007, Dan Berlin's sight took a turn for the worse. His lifestyle changed. He gave up his driver's license and started using a mobility cane. He also started running.

It's True: Politicians Hate Athletes

While city politicians are gung-ho about joining the fight, they’ve recently found themselves in a strange state of hypocrisy thanks to a growing fitness culture that’s taking over our public spaces.

Fasting Is Your Secret Weapon

Put down the GU. Step away from the Sports Beans. Leave the Gatorade at home. New studies show you stand to gain athletically from skipping carbs strategically.

Stay Fit When Flying

Long flights and car trips wreak havoc on my body. How can I reduce the stress of travel and keep up with my current exercise routine?

Why Everyone Breaks Records at Berlin

Running in excellent conditions yesterday in Berlin, Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto broke the world record in the men’s marathon, clocking a time of 2:02:57.

Your Brain on Pain

The Nolan's 14 and how we are hardwired for adventure.