How to Run in Cold Weather

Grab a few choice pieces of gear and maybe some choice words from athletes who don’t let the cold stop them (consider it tough love). Then haul yourself out the door like the unstoppable warrior you...

Why the Russian Runner Doping Scandal Matters

For years, it seemed like drug testers would never get ahead of cheaters. The Russian bribery scandal raises an even scarier possibility: the testers are dirty too.

Why We Race for Charity

Why do we spend so much time raising money to compete in events—many of which don't require fundraising to compete? The answer lies in one of sport's greatest paradoxes: running for others is one of...

Is Compression for Competition or Running Recovery?

Scientists aren’t entirely sure how—or if—compression gear works as advertised, questioning its usefulness in competition and recovery. Presenting the current state of constrictive affairs.

FKT Up? Kilian Jornet's Insane New Sport

With warp-speed ascents that include the Matterhorn (1:56) and Denali (9:43), ultrarunner turned alpinist Kilian Jornet Burgada is the king of the endurance world's latest obsession: fastest known...

Celebrities Love the New York City Marathon

Sunday, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki — this year’s US Open runner-up —will be racing her first marathon, only a week after a semi-final loss to Serena Williams at the World Tennis Association...

This Marathon Lawsuit May Shake Up the Running World

Late last month, Competitor Group Inc., the San Diego-based parent company of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series, was sued for using volunteers in place of paid workers. The suit was filed in Missouri...

The New Injury-Proofing Rules for Runners

Renown physical therapist Kelly Starrett lays out movement standards for runners. Meet them, and you'll stay out of his office. Don't meet them, and you shouldn't be running.