NYC Marathon Secret: Write Your Name on Your Shirt

From avoiding a "golden shower" to how much money—yes, money—to bring, Glynnis MacNicol tells you everything the NYC Marathon doesn't

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Should've written your name on your shirt, buddy.     Photo: eviltomthai/Flickr

Read the headline. Write your name on your shirt. Or, if you don't relish the idea of strangers yelling your name for five hours (for instance, say it's easily, ahem, mispronounced and you have a longstanding phobia rooted in childhood attendance roll-calls of people yelling out their weird, mangled interpretations of it) write something that's easy to read and that is meaningful to you. Right now you might not think this will matter. And for the first 16 miles or so, it may not. For the last eight miles, however, when you start thinking that someone is moving the mile markers on you because there is absolutely no way it can possibly take this long to get from mile 23 to mile 24, it's very likely the only thing that will propel you through those last three excruciating miles from the top of Central Park, all the way to the bottom, and back around again is a bunch of complete strangers telling you, YOU (weirdly-named person though you may be), that yes you can do it!

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