Score! Where Runners Get the Best Swag

Going the distance means getting some goodies. And no, we aren’t talking just the sense of accomplishment you feel at the finish line. We are talking freebies, treasures, and swag—whatever you want...

What to Do When You Hate Gels

I can't stand the flavor or texture of any brand, but I know I need calories and electrolytes. How else can I get them?

Is Mass-Start Racing Dying?

A growing number of trail runners are finding a new way to test themselves, and it doesn’t involve race fees, bibs, or finish line chutes. Instead, they’re enlisting their own stopwatch, navigational...

The Female Runner’s Conundrum

Street harassment will ruin a perfectly good jog, and most female runners have experienced this before. So what are we going to do about it?

Marathoners Chase Round-Number Finishes

Your love of round numbers—and their implied significance—isn’t unique. In fact, as Runner’s World reports, a new study by economists at UC–Berkeley and the University of Chicago crunched data from...

Why the Mile Is Dead (and Worth Saving)

For nearly a decade, the world record in the mile was stopped at four minutes. When Roger Bannister broke the barrier May 6, 1954, he accomplished the impossible. Ten years later, Ryun raised the...

The Runner's Ticking Time Bomb?

Studies say that one in 200,000 runners will experience sudden cardiac arrest, and one in 50,000 will experience a heart attack from coronary artery disease during a marathon.

Try a Treadmill with a View

From the bio-mechanical to the metaphysical, the inherent benefits of exercising outside come as no surprise to the outdoor-lover.

Inside Meb's Win at the Boston Marathon

Four days after becoming the first American man to win the Boston Marathon since 1983, Meb Keflezighi was in high demand. On Friday, the Californian took a minute to discuss exactly what was going...

Walk of No Shame

It’s just one of those rules. Coaches, runners, and pretty much everyone else involved in the sport have traditionally emphasized that walking isn’t an option there. But new research and training...

10 Running Myths That Need a Makeover

Remember when it was de rigueur to stretch before running and over-hydrate before heading out the door? As technology advances and researchers discover more about the human body in motion, long-held...

Prepare for Your First Trail Race

I just signed up for my first trail race, but I live in the city. Do I need to train any differently than I have for all of the road runs I've done?

How Meb Keflezighi Won Boston

Meb Keflezighi followed his third place finish at the 2006 Boston Marathon with a win in New York City three years later. This time, the 2004 Olympic silver medalist will take on his 19th marathon...