Who’s the Fittest?

LAST FEBRUARY, we asked Werner Hoeger, an exercise physiologist at Boise State University, to evaluate the training regimens of three top winter athletes and decide who had the best combination...

The Thrill of the Skill

YOGA Dharma Yoga Center Miami Beach, Florida Shri Dharma Mittra, 65, earned the nickname "The Teacher's Teacher" in 1984, when he demonstrated 908 postures for the Master...

Follow Through

Join the Club Like-minded enthusiasts can get you off your butt with organized events like group-training programs for a first marathon. Pete & Ed Books (800-793-7801,

Balanced Beings

Dean Karnazes//38//Ultramarathoner At his 30th-birthday bash, Karnazes, then a professional windsurfer living in San Francisco, ran out of the party and didn't stop until he had jogged...