Agility Exercises

Weeks 17 through 20

Agility exercises

Agility exercises for The Shape of Your Life: Month Five     Photo: Illustrations by Jonathan Carlson

CARIOCA (above) Four sets, each direction.
Move left by crossing your right leg in front of your left leg and stepping sideways as far as you can. 2. Uncross your legs. 3. Cross your right leg in back of your left leg. Repeat, moving as quickly and fluidly as possible for 30 yards (one set).

SHUFFLE SIDE STEPS (not shown) Four sets . Set two cones (or shoes, books-whatever) on a flat surface 30 feet apart. Starting in a crouched stance, with your left leg beside one marker, extend your right foot sideways while driving off your left. Continue shuffling to the next cone. Move as quickly as you can, back and forth between the two markers, for 30 seconds (one set).

REACTION-BALL DRILLS (see sidebar) Two sets.
Drop a reaction ball (see "The Body Shop") from waist height to the floor and try to catch off the first bounce. Ten catches equals one set.

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