Building a Base

For multisport athletes like you, the trick isn't getting in shape. It's staying there. Here's how.

Step 1: Tune Up

Before you build your base, make sure all your parts are working

Step 2: Know Your Limits

Base building takes planning. Before you start using words like foundation as code for backing off, know this: You're going to go harder this year.

Step 3: Periodize

To get the most out of your body, put it on a schedule built for you

Master Class

You've learned the basics. Now take your game to the next level with these top schools.

All-Star NBA Workout

Nick Heil hits the gym with the star point guard of the Denver Nuggets.

Ready, Set, Slow

The secret to going faster is learning when not to

The Apprentice

Ski and climbing guide Michael Silitch is the only American working for the Compagniedes Guides de Chamonix, the exclusive, secretive outfit that runs the show in France's most extreme...

Loosen Up

Is stretching good for you? Maybe. But it sure feels good.

New Kid on the Rock

At only 24, Seattle's Colin Haley has turned heads around the world with career-making alpine climbs, including an unprecedented team traverse of Patagonia's torre massif. He's driven to...