The Power-Endurance Powder Plan

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Is CrossFit Killing Us?

IN JULY, nearly 300,000 people tuned in live on ESPN2 to watch 26-year-old

Achilles-Strengthening Exercises for Every Sport

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Get in Ski Shape

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How to Master the Hill Sprint

Running sprints at a steep angle can do a lot. "Adding a hill or a grade forces gravity to work more," says

Quick and Dirty: How to Make a Heart Rate Billboard

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The 7-Minute Workout—Rebooted

It’s a painful truth, but there is no such thing as a sweat-free workout. Big gains take large commitments, which is what made the 7-minute workout so alluring: it promised to...

The Effort Equation

Our program will lead you in and out of the above heart-rate zones, based on your maximum heart rate (MHR). These intensities should also correspond to your own perceived exertion.