Wearing the Wrong Footwear

When you lift, the rubber in your running shoes compresses, throwing off your balance.

Fearing Injury

Statistics show that playing basketball, soccer, football, and skiing all have much higher injury rates than weight training. Don’t use the possibility of getting injured as an excuse for not lifting.

Avoiding the Obvious

Can’t do pull-ups? Don’t avoid them; that will just create an unhealthy asymmetry in your body that could lead to injury. “I see it a lot,” says Bergeron. “A guy will have a really strong chest but...

Avoiding the Olympic

If you don't know how to Olympic lift, you're missing one of strength training's key moves.

Isolating Individual Muscle Groups

Lifts that isolate muscle groups—exercises like hamstring and bicep curls—aren’t movements that are used in everyday life. “If you’re great at leg extensions,” says Bergeron, “it doesn’t mean you’ll...

Going Solo

Not only is it hard to motivate yourself to train alone and push yourself during workouts, it’s also dangerous to lift heavy weights without a spotter.

Going for More Reps

The fixes for those old weight training mistakes are fairly simple. We enrolled two of the country’s leading fitness experts, Rob Shaul of Mountain Athlete in Jackson Hole and Ben Bergeron of...

Feeling Self Conscious

“Here's a secret for anyone who didn't grow up in a weight room,” says Shaul, “those big guys don't care how much you can lift. Most of these guys started out as weak skinny guys, too.”

Overindulging Endurance Runs

Pounding the pavement tighten muscles, thereby decreasing the flexibility needed for weight lifting.

The 14 Biggest Weight-Training Mistakes

The bad news? There are a lot of exercises you grew up doing that are dead wrong for building power. The good news? The fixes are simple.

4. Mobility WOD

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