Climb Bolivia

There are reasons why mountaineers gravitate toward Bolivia.

The High Priestess of Posterity

The world's best climbers flock to Nepal to tackle new routes on remote peaks. But their feats don't count until a little old lady from New York says so.

The Other Side of The Mountain

A war-weary group of wounded U.S. soldiers heads to the 20,075-foot Nepalese peak Lobuche to confront their toughest mission yet: adjusting to peace.

The New Kings of Adventure

The spirit of discovery is very much alive in Outside's inaugural collection of the year's most audacious and ambitious expeditions.

Edurne Pasaban

Adventurers of the Year 2010. Edurne Pasaban, first woman to climb all 14 8,000-meter peaks—we think.

Eric Larsen

Adventurers of the Year 2010. Eric Larsen, North Pole, South Pole, Everest.

You Make the Call

When to hire a guide, rent or buy a motorcycle, bring your dog, and get a medic.

Check Your Form

Running barefoot or with barefoot-style shoes means changing your gait to avoid injury.

Rope Up

Mountaineering in New Zealand's South Island.

The Pulse

The 4-Hour Body, spending time outside, ergonomic kettlebells, carrots and alpha-carotene.