The Best Yoga Poses for Swimmers: Shoulder Stretch Into Cat/Cow

Should Stretch into Cat/Cow

Should Stretch into Cat/Cow     Photo: BODY of Santa Fe

1. Start on all fours with your legs hip-distance apart, tops of the feet flat on the floor.
2. Bring your upper body down to the floor, reaching the arms out long in front of you.
3. Turn your upper body toward the left, to start, putting your right ear and shoulder on the floor. Extend your right arm straight out to the left, palm up.
4. The left arm reaches overhead in line with the side body, fingers to the floor and left bicep alongside your ear.
5. Hold for 30 seconds.
6. Come up onto all fours and continue into Cat/Cow for one minute.
7. Then repeat steps 1-6 toward your right.

THE REASON: Shoulder Stretch into Cat/Cow is a shoulder opener.

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