News from the Field

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

Lonely Sea Lion Seeks Company in Almond Orchard

An enterprising sea lion pup is making headlines after courageously making his way more than 100 miles inland and earning the name Hoppie in the process. Although Hoppie was likely lost and headed... Read More

Slow Start for Triathlon As NCAA Sport

In January, the NCAA adopted women's triathlon as an "emerging sport" after at least a dozen universities told the organization in a letter that they would consider adding a women's varsity... Read More

Photographer: chapsss/ThinkStock

Portland to Flush Peed-In Reservoir

Boys, the world is not your bathroom. A 19-year-old Portland man's decision to urinate in the city's Mount Tabor Reservoir 5 pushed the city to flush all 38 million gallons of it. On April 16,... Read More

Photographer: Griffith Park Trail Cam/YouTube

L.A. Mountain Lion Poisoned

Scientists captured the well-known mountain lion of Los Angeles's Griffith Park this week after noticing the cat was showing signs of illness and possibly poisoning. The four-year-old mountain lion... Read More

California Mulls Wolf Protections

Even though gray wolf packs haven't roamed California for almost a century, the state is considering listing the animal as endangered. The discussion to protect the species started after a lone... Read More

Photographer: NASA/Gioia Massa

"Outredgeous" Veggies Headed into Space

An unmanned capsule dubbed Dragon is scheduled to launch atop SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket on a resupply mission to the International Space Station this Friday, and it's carrying some weird stuff:... Read More