News from the Field

Photographer: Jan Kaliciak/Thinkstock

NASA Chief Outlines Path to Mars

The past couple of decades have seen the space exploration community shift its attention from Earth's moon to the red planet, with NASA sending multiple rovers to Mars and scientists considering... Read More

Photographer: Courtesy of Skydive Dubai/YouTub

World-Record BASE Jump in Dubai

A pair of French skydivers set a world record for BASE jumping from world's tallest building in Dubai on Monday. Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet completed the record feat by jumping from the Burj... Read More

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San Francisco's Bait Bike Campaign

The San Francisco Police Department wants to put the brakes on the city's bike-theft problem. Hidden throughout the city are bait bikes—bicycles outfitted with GPS locators that tip off... Read More

Photographer: Tslane888/Flickr/Creative Common

Fat Tourists Mean Bigger Horses

Western wranglers have a long history of profiting from tourists seeking to get a taste of the equestrian lifestyle, but over the past decade they've had more and more trouble filling saddles. Not... Read More

Solar Energy, Tequila Plant Combo

A group of Stanford University researchers may have to celebrate with a round of tequila sunrises for their work on, well, tequila sunrises. Kind of. Solar technology in the desert is... Read More

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PETA Plans Turkey Memorial in Iowa

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to commemorate 500 dead turkeys with a massive memorial, but first it needs permission from Iowa transportation officials. PETA member Alex... Read More

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What Does the Whale Say?

The "bio-duck" has baffled scientists since the Cold War. NOAA thought the low-frequency quacking sound that occurs frequently off the coast of Antartica might have been the by-product of fishing... Read More

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Expeditions Cancel Everest Climb

Is Everest closed for business in 2014? It’s still not certain, but at the moment everything seems to be trending in that direction—amid conflicting reports that the government of Nepal... Read More