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Photo: Courtesy of A&E

'Duck Dynasty' Shatters TV Records

Biggest reality show in cable history

Duck Dynasty, the A&E network’s hit show about the bizarre family behind the Duck Commander empire, is poised to make cable television history for after drawing nearly 11.8 million viewers to its season four premiere. The premiere drew the largest ever audience for a reality program.

The show debuted in March of 2012 to an audience of 1.3 million, according to Nielsen. By its third season finale, it was averaging 8.4 million. With a little boost, the show could topple AMC’s zombie survival drama, The Walking Dead, making it the biggest show on cable of any kind.

DD follows the exploits of the Robertson family of West Monroe, Louisiana. Patriarch Phil Robertson, a former college football star who turned down the NFL because it overlapped with duck season, built the multi-million-dollar Duck Commander sporting goods empire from the ground up with his son Willie. Despite their wealth, the family has remained in their small community (half of whom are employed by Duck Commander) and way of life.


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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Canada Fights Geese With Drone Strikes

Proving highly effective

Canada, a nation seemingly hell-bent on confirming every national stereotype leveled against them, has begun ordering drone strikes against clusters of pesky geese. Evidently, geese have been invading the shores of the Ottawa River, which runs through the nation's capital. The birds have been pooping in the water and raising the E. coli levels in the river, a serious hazard for casual bathers

To combat the avian delinquents, the city of Ottawa has been deploying a hexacopter, a 26-inch-wide remote-controlled drone equipped with loudspeakers, to harass the birds each morning. According to city councilor Bob Monette, who oversees the project, the hexacopter has been “really effective.” Since the start of the program in July, the number of geese on the river’s beaches has dropped from hundreds to a few dozen.

The idea for the program came about when the owner and operator of the drones, Steve Wambolt, was pitching aerial photography services to Monette when the councilor began inquiring about other uses for the drones. Wambolt modified his drones, removing the cameras and attaching speakers to play the sounds of low-flying predators, and the drone war was launched.

The $30,000 program will continue through October and is expected to be renewed next year.


Photo: YouTube

WATCH: Helicopter Raids Pool to Fight Fire

As fires sweep through Portugal

As massive fires sweep through Portugal, a helicopter crew has resorted to filling their bucket from a local pool to fight the flames.

Portugal has requested help from Spain and France as fires burn in the central and northern areas of the country. About 1,300 emergency personnel are busy fighting more than 275 blazes.