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Illegal Amphetamines Found in Workout Supplements

Meth-like substance in Craze and Detonate

An analysis published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Drug Testing and Analysis today has detected a highly addictive, illegal stimulant chemical in the pre-workout supplements Craze, from New York-based Driven Sports, and Detonate, a weight loss pill from Gaspari Nutrition.

The chemical has a similar structure to methamphetamine, Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and analysis co-author, told USA Today. This isn't the first time illegal substances have been found in Craze. In June 2012, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) found several prohibited stimulants in the product, including amphetamines and similar compounds

USADA listed craze as a "High Risk Dietary Supplement," and many retailers, including Walmart.com and Bodybuilding.com took the product off their online storefronts. Driven Sports and Gaspari Nutrition have yet to comment on the latest findings.


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20,000 Bees Removed from Woman's Home

"They didn't bother me"

A beekeeper removed 20,000 bees from a 98-year-old woman's home in Florida Saturday after they built a hive in the attic of her home.

"They didn't bother me," said Cocoa Beach resident Sevia Moore, whose daughter had to show her the hive nestled in an awning inside her house. "When I was outside, I didn't even see any."

Beekeeper Leo Cross used a vacuum to collect the bees and move them to a more appropriate location. He preserved the honey comb and hive, telling WESH TV that it is important for the bees to "go on to reproduce" since the bee population is struggling.


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A-Basin Opens Early This Season

Colorado ski season begins

Arapahoe Basin, in north-central Colorado, became the first ski area in the country to open for the 2013-14 season on Sunday, four days earlier than last year. 

Favorable weather conditions—cold nighttime temperatures and ideal humidity—allowed the resort to begin making snow on September 27. A-Basin either made or received natural snow during the days that followed, and by this weekend, an 18-inch base covered parts of the mountain. 

"People are so excited," A-Basin marketing director Leigh Hierholzer told the Denver Post. "We're honored to be the first in the state to get the season started."

The 960-acre resort typically receives 350 inches of snow annually.

You can find a complete list of opening days at Colorado Ski Country USA.


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Lost Hunter Survives 19 Days in California Forest

Eats squirrels and algae for food

On Saturday, a lost deer hunter was rescued after nineteen days in a northern California. Gene Penaflor, 72, was first reported missing on September 24 when he failed to meet up with his hunting partner for lunch in the Mendocino National Forest. ABC News reports that the two hunters had split up in the morning and that Penaflor had slipped and struck his head. He later told detectives that he woke up disoriented and decided to stay put, unsure of where he was.

The Mendocino County sheriff's office directed search parties, both on foot and by air, for the next four days and found no signs of Penaflor, according to CNN. Once rescued, Penaflor explained he saw search helicopters fly over him but was unable to get their attention. The four-day search was eventually brought to a close due to an impending storm and no sign of the lost hunter.

The search was reactivated this Saturday and Penaflor was found by another group of hunters on his nineteenth day in the forest. 

Penaflor later told detectives that he survived on squirrels, lizards, a snake, berries, and algae, crawling under a large tree and surrounding himself with leaves and grass to stay warm. He did in fact see deer he initially set out to hunt, but didn't have enough energy to shoot one according to ABC News.

Penaflor, reportedly now in good condition, was found only 3 miles away from where he separated from his hunting partner.


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Van Lierde Wins Kona

Belgium's front-runner takes his first title

A six-year Australian winning streak ended Saturday when Belgium's Fredrik Van Lierde won the GoPro IRONMAN World Championship in Kailu-Kona, Hawaii, while on Sunday, Mirinda Carfrae carried Australia through with her second world title.

After American Olympic swimmer Andy Potts had to pull out of the triathlon early because of a nerve injury, Australian defending champion Pete Jacobs became the expected front-runner, but in the bike split it was American Andrew Starykowicz who pulled ahead, completing the fastest split of the day at 4:21:50.

During the run, Van Lierde overtook six-time Australian champion Luke McKenzie and came in first at 8:12:29.

"I tried to be smart, and it worked," says Van Lierde, who perfomed none of the fastest splits of the day but showed a consistency that put him in front.

Luke McKenzie came in second with 8:15:19, while Germany's Sebastian Kienle came in third with 8:19:24.

On Sunday, Australian Mirinda Carfrae ran the women's field at a record-setting 8:52:14. She also set the run course record with a time of 2:50:35, carrying on an eight-year winning streak by Australian men and women. Since her first race at Kona, Carfrae has finished no worse than third.

"I just had one of those days where you don't hurt," Carfrae said. "I didn't know I had a performance like that in me."

Great Britain's Rachel Joyce and Liz Blatchford came in second and third, respectively, with 8:57:28 and 9:03:35.