Usain Bolt Olympics Bejing

Usain Bolt after his victory and world record in the 100m at the bird's nest, during 2008 Beijing Olympics.     Photo: Jmex60/Wikimedia

Jamaica Facing Olympic Ban

Delays WADA audit

The World Anti-Doping Agency is threatening to ban Jamaica from international competitions, such as the Olympics, after the Caribbean nation attempted to defer an audit of its anti-doping program until 2014.

"The current position is unacceptable to WADA and we're not going to take it lying down, their suggestion that they'll talk to us next year," WADA president John Fahey told The Daily Telegraph. "To suggest to WADA they're not ready to meet with us to talk about their problem until sometimes next year is unsatisfactory. It's totally unacceptable to me and we shall act appropriately within an appropriate time frame."

Wada director general David Howman had planned to investigate the Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission after allegations that Jamaican athletes were not drug tested leading up to last year's London Olympics and five Jamaicans failed drug tests since London 2012, which includes former men's 100-meter world record holder Asafa Powell.

Powell and Olympic 4x100 relay silver medalist Sherone Simpson are scheduled to appear before a disciplinary panel of the Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission in January.


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The Dumpster Project     Photo: Courtesy of the Dumpster Project

Professor to Live in Dumpster for One Year

Project aims to illustrate low-impact living

Jeff Wilson, an environmental science professor in Austin, Texas, plans to spend the next year living in a dumpster. The Dumpster Project is all a part of Wilson's new course on low-impact living and the Huston Tillotson University's new green campus initiative, reports Treehugger. Wilson will begin his year in the six-foot-wide dumpster later this fall.

The dumpster, roughly one percent the size of an average new American home, will be outfitted with pioneering systems and be totally self-reliant. The unit will use solar panels for power and innovative systems for things like water filtration, climate control, and energy-producing toilets. Wilson's students will track and study the modified dumpster throughout the year.

The project has loftier goals than “just a one-guy-in-a-dumpster deal,” Wilson told Fast Company. Eventually, Wilson's goal is to tour the project across the country and share his K-12 curriculum using the dumpster as a model.

Professor Dumpster, Wilson's unofficial title, said “My ex-wife did not express a lot of encouragement in our [6-year-old] daughter sleeping with daddy in a dumpster … So that’s not gonna happen."


dog baby shepherd

Baby boy with his friend, white swiss shepherd dog.     Photo: Shutterstock/aramidala76

Raising an NYC Dog More Expensive than Raising a Child

No wonder he's smarter than your honor student

Raising a dog in New York City is more expensive than the average cost of raising a child in the U.S., according to Bloomberg reporter James Tarmy.

The USDA's annual Cost of Raising a Child report estimates that it costs a middle-class, two-parent family between $12,600 and $14,700 each year to raise a son or daughter. Between dog food, kennel visits, dog walkers, grooming, and visits to the vet, the average price for raising man's best friend in the Big Apple is approximately $16,800, which is not to say that children are cheaper than dogs. The cost of raising a child in NYC is assuredly more than the national average, Tarmy said to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Televisoin's "Taking Stock."

"Of course, there are ways to kind of cut on these things," Tarmy said to Fox, "I assume that you are effectively operating in a vacuum. A lot of time you can have friends walk the dog, you can have friends housesit to take care of the dog. There are ways to hedge your costs."

How much is that doggie in the window?
Yellow labrador retriever waiting on the street Photo: chalabala


World record holders Ed Whitlock and Japan's Yoshi Hosaka gave a talk at the Toronto marathon expo called "How to Set World Records Past Age 60."     Photo: Toronto Waterfront Marathon

82-year-old Runs 3:41 Marathon

Ed Whitlock sets another world record

Canadian distance runner Ed Whitlock, 82, set a new age record for the marathon when he clocked a 3:41:58 at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday. The previous record for an 82-year-old was 3:48:35, set by Ed Benham in 1989.

Whitlock, who ran a 3:30:28 at Toronto last year and was the first person over 70 to run a sub-three-hour marathon, said he was hoping for a faster time, but a lingering cold likely slowed him down.

"I had a higher degree of uncertainty than usual about what I would run, largely because of the cold issue which came on two weeks before the marathon and was slow recovery," he told Runner's World Newswire. "It's still hanging on now."

Whitlock still managed to run faster than 75 percent of the field.


Police in Oregon caught wind of a man bragging about the size of his stash, so, much like him, they took to the stars.     Photo: David Maska/Shutterstock

Google Earth Busts Marijuana Garden

Oregon police have eyes in space

Police in southern Oregon used Google Earth to investigate rumors than an area man was growing more marijuana than his medical license permitted.

Police received a tip that the man, 50, had been bragging about the amount of marijuana in his possession, so they consulted the Godly ken of Google Earth and confirmed the presence of a lush, prelapsarian garden of pot on the suspected property outside Grants Pass.

According to state medical marijuana records, the man had growing rights for five people, limiting him to 30 marijuana plants. A police raid in September seized 94 plants.

The man was arraigned on drug charges last week and released.