January 20, 2012
Great white shark

Great white shark     Photo: hermanusbackpackers/Flickr

App Lets Beachgoers Track Great Whites

Proceeds will fund shark research

A new smartphone application allows surfers and other beachgoers to track the movements of great white sharks in close to real time. Expedition White Shark picks up satellite readings from sharks tagged by researchers at the Marine Conservation Society. The tags send signals when the sharks swim near the surface, potentially reducing the risk of shark-human encounters. The app is also used as a marketing and fundraising tool: "We're hoping it raises public awareness about white sharks, which helps our conservation efforts," said biologist Michael Domeier, MSCI president. The app includes detailed information about each shark and a game in which users can play a newborn shark navigating the dangers of the ocean.

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Jeb Corliss

Jeb Corliss at Table Mountain     Photo: YouTube

South Africa Won't Charge Corliss

Officials will fine wingsuit pilot $189

American BASE jumper Jeb Corliss won't be charged for the illegal jump off Cape Town's Table Mountain that sent him to the hospital last week, South Africa National Parks said on Thursday. The agency will fine Corliss 1,500 Rand—approximately $189—for the stunt. They also plan to fine the company that filmed the jump, and may deny the company a permit to film in South Africa's national parks in the future. Corliss clipped a ledge on the mountain's Africa Face during a wingsuit jump on Monday, breaking both his legs and sustaining other unspecified injuries.

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Surfers in Lake Michigan

Surfers in Lake Michigan     Photo: free4lance2/Flickr

Slater Supports Arrested Chicago Surfer

Man detained for riding at closed beach

Eleven-time ASP world champion Kelly Slater says that he doesn't understand why police in Chicago arrested surfer Rex Flodstrom for riding in Lake Michigan on Tuesday. "Surfing is not a crime," Slater Tweeted on Wednesday. Flodstrom, 40, was held for four hours and charged with disorderly conduct after police found him surfing at Oak Street beach. Slater said he may appear at Flodstrom's hearing in Chicago on February 16.

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Kenenisa Bekele

Kenenisa Bekele     Photo: Thomas Faivre-Duboz/Flickr

Ethiopia Suspends 35 Top Runners

Fed. angry that athletes skipped camp

The Ethiopian Athletics Federation has suspended 35 top runners from competition, including world record holder and defending Olympic champion Kenenisa Bekele, for skipping a mandatory training camp. If enforced, the ban could keep nearly all of the country's top runners from competing in August's London Olympic Games. Bekele's agent Jos Hermens said that the ban was a reaction to Ethiopia's poor showing at the 2011 world championships. "Of course, Kenenisa Bekele will be at the Olympics," Hermens said. A spokeswoman for the federation said the ban would be lifted if the athletes reported to a future training camp.

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