September 20, 2011
Judith Arndt

Judith Arndt     Photo:

Arndt Takes Victory in World Time Trial

German rider cruises to 22-second win

Judith Arndt claimed the first senior title of this week's UCI world championships in Denmark, winning the women's time trial on Tuesday by 22 seconds over New Zealand's Linda Villumsen and Great Britain's defending champion Emma Pooley. Arndt, 35, is a former world road-race champion and has been chasing the time-trial gold for 14 years. Riding on a technical and slippery 27.8-kilometer course, Arndt was even with the leading riders at halfway but dominated the from there to the finish. Arndt's won her first world time trial medal, a bronze, in 1997 and was second last year. “I can’t say how much it means to me to win this, but I was quite dizzy when I came over the finish line and saw my time,” she said. American time-trial champion Evelyn Stevens was 15th, and Amber Neben, who was a late addition to the U.S. team after USA Cycling reverse its decision to select Olympic champion Kristin Armstrong for the race, finished as top American in 8th. The men's time trial is tomorrow.



    Photo: Christine Zenino

Dispute Over Ice Melt on Greenland Map

New atlas misrepresents melt, scientists say

A group of climate scientists have challenged a redrawing of the map of Greenland that suggests the island has lost 15 percent of its glacial ice. Seven researchers from Cambridge University, England, as well as glaciologists in the United States and Europe, say the a new map in the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World grossly overestimates Greenland's ice-melt, which is decreasing at 0.1 percent by volume per year. Ice loss at that rate could not be seen on a map of that scale. In a letter to atlas publisher Harper Collins, the scientists wrote that, "A 15 percent decrease in permanent ice cover since the publication of the previous atlas 12 years ago is both incorrect and misleading." A Harper Collins spokeswoman said that cartographers had used data supplied by the US Snow and Ice Data Center  and are "confident of the data we have used and of the cartography." Some researchers have speculated that the exaggerated figure was a marketing ploy. "A number like 15% ice loss used for advertising the book is simply a killer mistake that cannot be winked away," said Jeffrey Kargel, a senior researcher at the University of Arizona. The map, now in its 13th edition, was published last week.

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Grizzly bear

Grizzly bear     Photo: ilashdesigns/Flickr

Grizzly Kills Hunter in Montana

Death is region's third this year

A wounded male grizzly bear killed a hunter along a remote stretch of the Idaho-Montana border last Friday, then died after the hunter's companion shot it. Steve Stevenson and Ty Bell were hunting black bears when Bell misidentified the grizzly and shot it, sending it into a deep thicket. As Stevenson and Bell approached, the bear charged and fatally mauled Stevenson, collapsing on his body as Bell fired again. Grizzlies, a threatened species in the lower 48 states, are illegal to kill except in self defense. Stevenson is the third person killed by a grizzly in the northern Rockies since July; grizzlies have not killed multiple people in the area since 1967. “There are a lot more bears today than there were 30 years ago, and there are a lot more visitors. So there is a higher encounter frequency,” said Chris Servheen, grizzly bear recovery coordinator for the Fish and Wildlife Service. In response to a rise in encounters over the summer, Idaho is considering legislation that would make it easier to shoot a grizzly in defense of a human life.

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Hawaiian Reef Pro

Hawaiian Reef Pro     Photo: Karen Chan 16/Flickr

Carrisa Moore to Surf with the Guys

Women's champ invited to men's events

In an unusual move, surfing's governing body has invited reigning women's world champion Carissa Moore to surf in two major men's events later this year. Moore, 19, became the youngest-ever women's world champion in June. She will enter the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa and the Vans World Cup of Surfing in Sunset Beach, California. "Her performances in extra large surf at Sunset Beach over the past two years earmarked her as a worthy recipient of the wildcard,” the tour said in a release. It is incredibly rare for the women's ASP champion to face off again men in a major event. “We were trying to keep it quiet,” Moore said. “But seems like the cat’s out of the bag now." The Reef Hawaiian Pro will run from November 12 through November 23. The Vans World Cup of Surfing is scheduled betwween November 23 and December 6.

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