April 6, 2012
Idaho's Soldier Mountain

Idaho's Soldier Mountain     Photo: Fredlyfish4/Wikimedia

Bruce Willis Wants to Donate Ski Hill

Idaho's Soldier would go to non-profit

Actor Bruce Willis is exploring the logistics of donating Idaho's Soldier Mountain to a non-profit in Camas County. Willis, whose $14 million home near the mountain is for sale, has owned Soldier for more than a decade. In recent years it has has operated at a loss. Under the plan, Willis would transfer ownership and a Forest Service license at no cost. "If we can get our ducks in a row, seek sponsors and new members, we would like to transfer the Forest Service permit and continue operations," said John Palan, a Soldier employee who works with the Soldier Mountain Recreation Association. Some 30 U.S. ski mountains, including several in Idaho, are run as non profits.

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Victoria Pendleton     Photo: johnthescone/flickr

Pendleton Wins 6th Sprint Cycling Gold

Veteran wins battle with Meares

On Friday in Australia, British track cyclist Victoria Pendleton nabbed her sixth-career sprint gold at the world cycling championships. Pendleton, 31, overcame a brutal crash in the semi-finals before dispatching her Australian rival Anna Meares, who was relegated to a lower place after crossing into her opponent's line. "This is probably the most significant and probably one of the most emotional world titles, being the last time I'm going to do it," Pendleton said. She plans to retire after the London Olympics this summer.

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The U.S. Coast Guard extinguishes a fire on an abandoned Japanese fishing ship after firing on it on Thursday, April 5

The U.S. Coast Guard extinguishes a fire on an abandoned Japanese fishing ship after firing on it on Thursday, April 5     Photo: U.S. Coast Guard/YouTube

Coast Guard Sinks Drifting Tsunami Ship

Officials worried about collisions

On Thursday, the U.S. Coast Guard sunk a 164-foot Japanese fishing vessel that had floated away from the coast of Japan following last March's tsunami and drifted into the Gulf of Alaska. A Coast Guard cutter fired on the ship's hull with 25mm and 50mm cannons for four hours before it slipped below the ocean's surface. It is now resting under 6,000 feet of water, 180 miles off the coast of Alaska, after coming unmoored in Hokkaido, Japan during the tsunami. Officials were concerned that the ship might obstruct shipping lanes or collide with another vessel.

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Gray wolf

Gray wolf     Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest Region/Flickr

Outrage Over Wolf Torture Image

March incident sparks call for investigation

Wildlife advocates who are demanding the dismissal of a Forest Service employee who posted photographs of a bleeding, trapped wolf. Josh Bransford uploaded the photos, which have since been removed, to a trapping website on March 19. The Center for Biological Diversity on Tuesday sent letters to both the Forest Service and the Idaho Attorney General requesting an investigation into Bransford's actions. Witnesses say the wolf was shot by passersby while trapped and claim Bransford allowed it to suffer before killing it. Causing an animal to suffer is illegal under Idaho law. An official from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has said there is no indication of any violations, and the Forest Service does not plan to take further action.

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