December 19, 2012

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Canadian Police Arrest Maple Syrup Thieves

Stole $30 million in sweet, golden nectar

Canadian authorities say they have arrested three men in relation to a 10 million pound maple syrup heist executed in Quebec last summer. The theft of some 10,000 barrels of stockpiled syrup, part of the Federation of Maple Syrup Producers’ closely guarded “International Strategic Reserve,” sparked an international investigation leading to this week's arrest.

The three will be charged with theft, conspiracy, fraud, and trafficking in stolen goods. Police have also seized the vehicles, scales, and industrial lifts suspected of being used in illicit syrup trafficking.

The loot, valued at $30 million, put a dent in the global supply, as Quebec produces 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup. Two-thirds of the syrup has been recovered and is currently under provincial police guard.

Via The Washington Post


Royal Navy Sea King Helicopter

Royal Navy Sea King Helicopter     Photo: ADL999/Flickr

Lost Vancouver Snowboarder Found Alive

Spent two nights on mountain

A snowboarder who went missing after cutting off the trail on a mountain near Vancouver was found alive on Tuesday by a helicopter crew. Sebastien Boucher, 33, was riding on Cypress Mountain on Sunday when he became lost in the trees. A friend alerted local search and rescue after receiving a text from Boucher requesting help. North Shore Rescue manager Bruce Moffat said that Boucher started jumping and waving his arms when he spotted the aircraft. "He's in amazing shape for what he's gone through," Moffat said.

Via Sun News


    Photo: Green Fire Productions/Flickr

Mysterious Substance Leaking From Deepwater Horizon

And it's not oil

There is an unidentified substance seeping out of the Deepwater Horizon wreckage. The hibernating sea beast is awakening just in time for the end of the world. According to the Coast Guard, an "unidentified substance inconsistent with oil" is seeping from various sources at the site of the 2010 disaster, but they've been unable to determine what it is or how much there is of it (cue the theremin). The source of the oil sheen on the Gulf of Mexico is also still unknown. A remotely operated vehicle has collected samples of the substance for further lab analysis. "Next steps are being considered,” said Coast Guard Captain Duke Walker, “as we await the lab results of the surface and subsurface samples and more detailed analysis of the video shot during the mission.”

Via CBS News