January 26, 2012
Alberto Contador

Alberto Contador     Photo: Petit Brun/Flickr

Contador Rides to Stage Win in Argentina

As CAS verdict drags, cyclist tops Levi

Alberto Contador took his first victory of the 2012 cycling season with a stage three win on Wednesday at the Tour de San Luis in Mirador del Potrero de Los Funes, Argentina. Contador pulled away from U.S. rider Levi Leipheimer in the closing stretch of the day's climb into el Mirador de Potrero and now holds the overall race lead. A Court of Arbitration for Sport verdict in Contador's doping trial, which has been delayed repeatedly, is due within days. "I was better than expected, because I had my doubts, since I took several months without riding after the Tour de France," he said.

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Lindsey Jacobellis

Lindsey Jacobellis     Photo: VancityAllie/Flickr

Jacobellis Injured on Eve of X Games

Snowboarder tears ACL in training

Lindsey Jacobellis, the 2010 Olympic boardercross gold medalist and a seven-time X Games champion, tore her left ACL in a training accident on Wednesday at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. Jacobellis will miss Friday's opening boardercross competition at the X Games and forfeit her chances of winning gold in the event five years in a row. Jacobellis was running a snowboarder X course on Wednesday when she carried too much speed into a jump and crashed. "I wish all the best to the ladies this week, and can't wait to be back in 2013," she said. In an unrelated accident, two-time Olympic boardcross champion Seth Wescott tore his left pectoral muscle last week in a crash in Switzerland. Wescott sucessfully underwent surgery to repair the tear on Wednesday.

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Shipping containers

Shipping containers     Photo: Photohome_UK/Flickr

Ship Owners Fined $1.2M for Oil Dumps

Whistleblower could receive $600K

A U.S. District Court on Wednesday fined the owners of a Maltese-flagged cargo ship $1.2 million for deliberately dumping oil and plastic garbage into the ocean. Ship engineers on the M/V Aquarosa used a variety of methods to clandestinely dump bilge waste, both removing blocking mechanisms and bypassing pollution prevention equipment with a rubber hose. In February 2011, Salvatore Lopez, a ship engineer on the Aquarosa, provided the U.S. Coast Guard with more than 300 photos documenting the discharges. Prosecutors have asked that Lopez be awared half of the fine levied on the owners, or $600,000. The two corporations that own the M/V Aquarosa also face three years of probation, during which they will have to submit to independent reviews by a court-designated auditor. Chief Engineer Andreas Konstantinidis was sentenced to three months in prison in December for obstruction of justice for falsifying oil discharge records.

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Antarctic glacier

Antarctic glacier     Photo: RAYANDBEE/Flickr

Authorities Hunt Illegal Polar Sailors

On explorer's first trip, ship sank

On Wednesday, New Zealand authorities began searching for a Norwegion explorer believed to be making a second illegal voyage to Antarctica, a year after his first journey ended in the deaths of three of his crewmates. The foreign ministry says it has deployed a customs vessel and small aircraft to hunt for explorer Jarle Andhoy's sailing yacht Nilaya, which is not allowed leave New Zealand for Antarctica without customs clearance or the proper permits. In February 2011, Andhoy led a five-man expedition to sail to Antarctica and follow Roald Amundsen's route on four-wheel-drive quad bikes. When the team's vessel, the Berserk, sank in a storm in McMurdo Sound, killing three of the five men, Norway fined Andhoy $4,000 for traveling without permits or insurance. The self-proclaimed "Viking" sailor told a newspaper that he would have to return to Antarctica to complete the expedition and find out what happened to his teammates. Andhoy is believed to be sailing with 19-year-old Samuel Massie, the only other survivor of the previous expedition.

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Ubehebe Crater

Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, viewed from the rim.     Photo: Clinton Steeds/Flickr

"Potentially Active" Volcano in CA

Death Valley volcano erupted 800 yrs ago

A volcano in Death Valley is now considered potentially active after a study revealed that it last errupted less than 1,000 years ago. Scientists from Columbia University last week published a study on the Ubehebe Crater that shows the volcano last erupted 800 years ago, not several thousand years ago as previously believed. Scientists also believe that conditions in Death Valley 800 years ago and today are similar,  suggesting that the volcano could erupt again. They also believe that there is enough water under the crater to produce steam and an explosion. Seismic activity in the lead up to an eruption would likely offer enough time to issue a warning.

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