January 10, 2012
Alberto Contador at the 2009 Tour de France

Alberto Contador at the 2009 Tour de France     Photo: hyku/Flickr

Contador Ruling Delayed Again

Report says decision could take weeks

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo is reporting that a Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling in Alberto Contador's doping case might not come until next week or later, according to VeloNews journalist Andrew Hood. The setback is the latest in a series of delays in a case that began in August, 2010, when Contador was first notified of a positive test for the steroid clenbuterol. A CAS ruling was first expected in June, 2011, then November, 2011, and most recently this week. Contador, who is training with team SaxoBank on the Spanish Island of Gran Canaria, says he expects to be cleared of any wrongdoing and has begun planning his 2012 racing schedule.

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Coast Guard icebreaker

Coast Guard icebreaker     Photo: An Honorable German/Flickr

Fuel Shortage Hits Nome, Alaska

Russian oil tanker stuck in Arctic ice

The residents of Nome, Alaska are facing a possible fuel crisis temperatures as a series of shipping mishaps has left the community without its normal fall delivery and temperatures have dropped to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. A Russian tanker carrying an emergency supply of 1.3 million gallons of diesel is foundering in Arctic ice 140 miles from Nome, and the town could lose power as early as March. Bad weather halted the normal fuel delivery this fall, after which the Alaskan legislature approved an experimental delivery from the Russian tanker. Nome is perhaps most famous for the 1925 diphtheria outbreak that inspired the Iditerod dog sled race.

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The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon     Photo: kashyap_hc/Flickr

Uranium Mines Banned in Grand Canyon

Law protects watershed from contamination

The federal government has banned new uranium mining projects in a one-million-acre region surrounding the Grand Canyon for the next 20 years. The law, spearheaded by the Obama administration and announced Monday by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, was passed in an effort to protect the Colorado River and its tributaries from environmental damage. Dozens of active mines will be allowed to continue operation, but as many as 750 new claims will not be developed. Mining for uranium in the 1950s was responsible for widespread arsinic contamination and may still pollute the river.

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Skier Sarah Burke

Skier Sarah Burke     Photo: Johann Wall

Sarah Burke Seriously Injured in Crash

Canadian freestyle skier airlifted to ER

Sarah Burke, a four-time X-Games champion and a major figure in women's freestyle skiing, was seriously injured in a crash in Park City, Utah on Tuesday, according to news reports. Burke, a 29-year-old Whistler native, was airlifted to a hospital in Salt Lake City. The Vancouver Sun reports that medical staff inserted a breathing tube before Burke was transported. A spokesman for the Canadian Freestyle Association said that Burke's injuries were "very serious."

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