June 12, 2012
Dingo in Australia

Dingo in Australia     Photo: ogwen/Flickr

Coroner Finds Dingo Did in Fact Eat Baby

32-year-old case finally closed

The fourth inquest into the controversial death of a baby in the Australian outback 32 years ago ended today when a coroner ruled a dingo was responsible. Infant Azaria Chamberlain disappeared in 1980 from a tent while camping with her parents. The parents claimed a dingo had taken the baby from the tent, but the mother was sentenced to life in prison for murder in 1982. She served three years before her conviction was overturned. The latest inquest presented evidence about recent dingo attacks on children, including three fatal attacks. The parents said they were relieved and delighted to see their daughter's case come to an end. Azaria's body has never been found.

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    Photo: quinn.anya/Flickr

Hitchhiker Writing Kindness Book Shot

Man attempted to thumb ride in Montana

A hitchhiker and freelance photographer who was writing a book titled Kindness in America was shot on Saturday as he attempted to thumb a ride near Montana's Bakken oil patch. Ray Dolin, 39, has been traveling across America from his home in West Virginia, taking pictures and working on his memoir. Saturday evening, Dolin approached a pickup truck, thinking the driver was offering him a ride, before he was shot in the arm. Dolin was able to flag down Sherry Salveson, a Malta resident, who called 911 and administered first aid. "He wanted to see how people would treat him and how he would react. He said it was pretty ironic that he got shot," Salveson said. Four hours later, police took 52-year-old Lloyd Christopher Danielson III into custody, where he is being held for felony assault. There is no word as to whether the incident will affect Dolin's book.

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    Photo: Heather Cowper/Flickr

BASE Jumper Snags Chute, Falls to Death

Dangled for three hours waiting for a rope

A British BASE jumper plummeted to his death on the Greek island of Zakynthos on Friday after his parachute snagged on a cliff face that eventually gave way. Jake Simkins, 41, phoned and texted his pregnant girlfriend to reassure her while he dangled for three hours on the rocks 200 feet above Navagio beach, a popular BASE jumping site. A Dutch tourist saw Simkins crash into the cliff and tried to help but couldn't reach him. "I shouted out to him and he said he thought he had broken his leg," Corne van der Eerden said. Local emergency responders are being criticized for failing to rescue Simkins in the hours before he fell, as no ropes or climbing equipment ever arrived at the scene.

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U.S. Students Survive 9 Days in N.Z. Bush

Two studying abroad trapped by a storm

Two students from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point returned safely to New Zealand's Christchurch on Monday after surviving nine days trapped in the wilderness following a snowstorm. Alec Brown and Erica Klintworth, both 21, were camping for a night at national park on the country's South Island when heavy rains and a snowstorm flooded the river they would have to cross to return. The couple had packed minimal food and said they soaked in the nearby hot springs to "keep warm and slow energy loss." Their disappearance wasn't noticed until eight days later, when a helicopter and search and rescue crew were dispatched.

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