May 3, 2012

Everest     Photo: Ivan Borisov/Flickr

Cory Richards Won't Return to Everest

Team leaders concerned for health

Cory Richards, the award-winning photographer and climber for The North Face, will not return to Mount Everest after suffering respiratory distress that forced his evacuation from 23,000 feet on Saturday. Doctors in Kathmandu cleared Richards to return to the mountain after finding no evidence of altitude-related illness, but team leaders at Base Camp remain concerned for Richards' health and have pulled him from the expedition. "Though I'm deeply disappointed in the decision not to let me return, I understand completely the team's collective concerns regarding my health and well-being, and honor and respect them," Richards wrote in an email on Wednesday. He is now in Kathmandu and will return to his home in Boulder, Colorado. Richards' climbing partner, Conrad Anker, has not yet decided whether to continue up the West Ridge, though he says he is looking for a suitable partner.

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Leki trekking poles

Leki trekking poles     Photo: RegNatarajan/Flickr

Head of Leki Poles Dies in Plane Crash

Lenhart led company started by father

Klaus Lenhart, the owner of the ski-pole company Leki, died on Monday in a plane crash in Kirchheim/Teck Germany, according to a statement released Wednesday. Lenhart, 56, was traveling with a 24-year-old pilot in a single-engine private plane that crashed shortly after take-off. The pilot is believed to have survived. Leki, one of the world's top makers of ski and trekking poles, was founded in 1948.

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Hang Glider

Hang Glider     Photo: Lana_aka_BADGRL/Flickr

Hang Glider Pilot Swallowed Evidence

Memory card may contain video of fall

Canadian police confirmed on Wednesday that William Orders, the British Columbia hang-glider pilot involved in a fatal accident on Saturday, swallowed a memory card that may contain video evidence of the tragedy. Investigators say X-rays show the memory card inside Orders, who was charged with obstruction of justice for withholding evidence. Video from the camera mounted on the glider's wing, part of the promised experience on Vancouver Hang Gliding tandem flights, may reveal what led 27-year-old Lenami Godinez to fall to her death. Police will hold Orders in custody until he passes the memory card, which is expected to survive digestion. More charges against Orders could follow pending the evidence.

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Wildflowers     Photo: saintrain/Flickr

Study Says Plants Flowering Faster

Warming temps cause earlier springs

A study published on Wednesday in the journal Nature suggests that warming temperatures are causing plants to flower much faster than expected by scientific models. The study, led by Dr. Elizabeth Wolkovich, observed the timing of flowering and leafing in 1,634 plant species across the world. It found that timing estimates underestimated the speed of flowering by as much as eight times and leafing by four times. Earlier plant growth could require more irrigation worldwide, increasing demand for water. "In terms of long-term observations, the records are very coherent and very consistent and they suggest for every degree celsius of warming we get we are going to get a five- to six-day change in how plants leaf and flower," she said.

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Norwegian flag

Norwegian flag     Photo: SKopp/Wikimedia

Dale Oen Autopsy Inconclusive

Swimmer's cause of death unconfirmed

Medical examiners have failed to identify what killed 26-year-old world champion swimmer Alexander Dale Oen, who collapsed on Monday in Arizona. Teammates of Dale Oen found the swimmer unresponsive in the shower after a day of light training in Flagstaff, where he was participating in an altitude camp. His death was initially reported as a suspected heart attack, but officials said the autopsy uncovered no anatomic abnormalities in his heart nor any trauma. Dale Oen became the first Norwegian man to earn an Olympic medal for swimming in 2008. He won the 100-meter breaststroke at the world championships last year.

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