April 19, 2012
Cruise ship

Cruise ship     Photo: Pete Markham/Flickr

Inquiry Into Captain Who Ignored Sailors

Stranded fishermen died of dehydration

Princess Cruises on Wednesday announced that is has launched an investigation into reports that the captain of the passenger ship Star Princess ignored distress signals from a stranded Panamanian fishing boat on March 10. Bird watchers on the Star Princess spotted a man on a small fishing boat frantically waving a red T-shirt. They relayed the sighting to the Star Princess's captain, who believed it was a "thank you" for avoiding their nets. Two of the three teenagers manning the small vessel, which had been adrift for two weeks before the encounter, later died of dehydration. Sole survivor Adrian Vasquez was rescued two weeks later. Marine regulations require an able captain to assist distressed persons at sea.

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Waves     Photo: Peter Kaminski/Flickr

Aikau Family Sues Film Company

Lawsuit over rights to surfer's life story

The family of legendary Hawaiian surfer Eddie Aikau is suing a Los Angeles-based media company to stop it from claiming rights to the late waterman's life story. According to documents filed in Hawaii's First Circuit Court on April 3, Your Half Media Group purchased an option to make a movie about Aikau in 2004 but let that option lapse after 18 months without producing a film. "The purpose of the lawsuit is to clear the air so that movie houses feel comfortable contracting with the Aikau family," said Seth Reiss, the family's lawyer. Aikau, a pioneering big-wave surfer and lifeguard from Oahu's North Shore, was lost at sea in March 1978 while attempting to rescue a stranded canoe. A documentary about his life is due out this fall.

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Painted Wall

Painted Wall     Photo: Molas/Wikimedia Commons

NPS Retreats on Black Canyon Guide Ban

Senators protest rule change

The National Park Service is backing down on a proposed ban on commercial rock guiding in the Black Canyon of Colorado's Gunnison National Park after protests from three U.S. senators. In a letter to NPS Director Jon Jarvis, Senators Mark Udall and Mark Bennett of Colorado and Max Baucus of Montana cited both the high level of difficulty associated with climbing in the park and tourism's economic impact on the area. "While guided climbing in the Black Canyon comprises a very small portion of this economic activity, banning guided climbing in the Black Canyon would have an adverse impact on guiding companies and the jobs they create," they wrote. In response, NPS intermountain Regional Director John Wessels said the park would not move forward again on new restrictions without "much more internal deliberation."

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Riccardo Ricco

Riccardo Ricco     Photo: Enrico Siboni/Wikimedia

Riccardo Ricco Banned for 12 Years

Cyclist became ill after blood transfusion

Italy's doping tribunal on Thursday banned rider Riccardo Ricco for 12 years following an alleged 2011 blood transfusion gone bad, his second major brush with anti-doping authorities since 2008. Ricco, 28, became ill in February 2011 after what doctors say was a self-administered attempt at blood doping. At the 2008 Tour de France, during which he won two mountain stages, Ricco tested positive for the synthetic blood booster CERA and was suspended for 20 months. Ricco maintains that he injected himself only with iron.

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Security line

Security line     Photo: Josh Hallett/Flickr

Man Strips Naked to Protest TSA Patdown

Brennan says act was "nude but not lewd"

Transportation Security Agency officials arrested a Portland, Oregon man on Tuesday after he stripped naked at a security checkpoint in Portland International Airport. John E. Brennan, 50, of Portland had tested positive for nitrates on his clothing but insisted he was not carrying any illicit materials. To prove it, Brennan removed his clothing in front of TSA agents and nearby passengers in an act that he insists was "nude but not lewd." Brennan, who flies frequently, said he had no intention of removing his clothes at security until he felt his privacy was being violated. He has been charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

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