June 20, 2012
Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro     Photo: Matt Kieffer/Flickr

Double Amputee Summits Kilimanjaro

Climbed rock and snow using hands

On Tuesday, double amputee Spencer West reached the summit of 19,341-foot Mount Kilimanjaro, climbing the rock and snow using only his hands. The 30-year-old Canadian, who works as a motivational speaker, completed the seven-day trek up Africa's tallest mountain as the sun rose. West lost both legs below the pelvis at age five to sacral agenesis, a rare genetic disease that stunts spinal growth. His Redefine Possible expedition to Kilimanjaro raised $500,000 for Free The Children's project to bring clean drinking water to Kenyan children. "The bleeding fingers and blisters were all worth it," West said.

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GS skiing

GS skiing     Photo: acebal/Flickr

Swiss Court Allows Google 'Ski View'

Company did not violate privacy laws

Pictures of Swiss ski runs included in Google's Street View will remain online after Switzerland's highest court ruled on Friday that they don't violate the country's famously strict privacy laws. Privacy activists filed a lawsuit against Google in 2009, alleging that Google broke Swiss law by capturing images of people on the slopes and nearby buildings without obtaining individual permission. In its decision, the court said that Google did not have an obligation to protect people's identities outside of certain sensitive areas like courts and schools. Google began including ski runs as part of Street View in early 2010, when they photographed trails in Whistler using a specially equipped snowmobile.

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    Photo: dcysurfer / Dave Young/Flickr

Kayaker Jen Watson Dies on Little White

Boat flipped on Washington river

On Saturday, kayaker Jennifer Watson died on the Little White Salmon, a Class V river in Washington's Columbia River Gorge. She was 38. Watson, an experienced kayaker from Portland, Oregon, was paddling with a group of 10 kayakers when she flipped and swam from her boat. She was flushed into a cave and drowned. The group attempted CPR but was unable to revive Watson. Her body has been recovered. This was Watson's first time paddling the Little White Salmon.

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    Photo: 111 Emergency/Flickr

Man Bites Dog, Dog Bites Man

Police canine required 15 stitches

A North Carolina man is facing felony assault charges after biting off the ear of a Wilmington Police dog in an attempt to evade arrest. Police tracked 22-year-old Travis Keith Glaspie, wanted on several outstanding warrants, using a trained K-9 named Maxx. When Maxx attempted to wrestle the fugitive to the ground, authorities say Glaspie sunk his teeth into the dog's ear. "It was something we haven't seen," Corporal David Pellegrino said. "Yes, our dogs do get assaulted, but no one has ever tried to cannibalize one of our animals before." Maxx, in turn, bit Glaspie in the thigh. The man is now being held on a $1 million dollar bond for felony assault of a law enforcement animal.

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