December 12, 2011
Pro Cyclists

Pro Cyclists     Photo: Timothy J./flickr

EPO Linked to Brain Aneurysms

Banned drug restricts blood flow

On Friday, the Swiss journal FASEB published a study that links synthetic erythropoietin, or EPO, with an increased risk of brain aneurysms. The drug is commonly used by athletes to boost performance in endurance races and is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. In the study, even low doses were shown to constrict arteries and decrease blood flow to the brain. "Now we know that folks who use EPO covertly are cheating not only the time-clock, but themselves,” said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of FASEB.

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Durban climate talks

Durban climate talks     Photo:

Durban Climate Talks End in Agreement

Carbon limits by '20; activists wary

Climate talks in Durban, South Africa drew to a close early Sunday morning with a landmark agreement that binds both developing and developed nations to limit carbon emissions beginning in 2020. Negotiators must decide on the extent of those limits by 2015. Activists and environmental scientists have warned that the negotiations, while a step forward, would not be enough to prevent a further rise in global temperatures.

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2006 cyclocross nationals

2006 cyclocross nationals     Photo: ryantkelly/Flickr

Powers Dominates Bend Cyclocross

Rider seals USGP series title with wins

Jeremy Powers won both elite men's races at the Deschutes Cup in Bend, Oregon, on Sunday and secured the 2011 Exergy U.S. Gran Prix cyclocross series title. Powers outdueled Tim Johnson on Saturday, then held off Cannondale rider James Driscoll on Sunday. The USGP, the premier cyclocross series in the United States, began in September and included eight races. Powers won five.



Ben Ainslie

Ben Ainslie     Photo: chatani/Wikimedia

Sailor Disqualified from World Champs

Ben Ainslie jumps aboard media boat

Three-time Olympic gold-medal winning sailor Ben Ainslie was disqualified from the world championships in Perth on Saturday after he boarded a media boat and berated the captain and crew. Ainslie, who was leading the championships at the time, felt that the media boat had impeded his progress. The International Sailing Federation could have imposed a two-year ban, potentially eliminating Ainslie from next year’s Olympics. Ainslie called the federation’s ruling a “massive overreaction.”

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