September 28, 2012

    Photo: Superikonoskop/Wikimedia Commons

Everest-Bound Plane Crash Kills 19

Seven British, five Chinese, and seven Nepalese dead

A plane en route to the Mount Everest region crashed outside of Kathmandu, Nepal, killing all 19 people on board earlier today. Officials say that the Sita Air flight, which was headed to Lukla, a gateway for Mount Everest, came down minutes after taking off, crashing into the bank of the Manohara River, where it caught fire. No official cause of the crash has been determined, but after noticing a series of strange movements, air traffic control contacted the pilots, who said they had hit a vulture and were attempting to turn the plane around and bring it back to the airport. “The pilots seem to have tried to land it safely on the banks of the river,” said a police spokesperson, “but unfortunately the plane caught fire.” There were seven British citizens on board, along with five Chinese and seven Nepalese. This is the seventh fatal plane crash in Nepal since August 2010



Great white shark

Great white shark     Photo: hermanusbackpackers/Flickr

Western Australia to Kill Sharks

Plan draws conservationist ire

Officials in Western Australia yesterday announced a plan to kill sharks that approach beachgoers in the water, drawing the ire of conservationists. The new plan is part of a $7.2 million "shark mitigation" program that will fund a new service to catch and kill sharks that come near swimmers, studies of shark enclosures at beaches, a GPS tracking program, and more jet skis for lifeguards. "We will always put the lives and safety of beachgoers ahead of the shark," Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday. "This is, after all, a fish—let's keep it in perspective."



    Photo: Elmar Buchner

Looted Nazi Statue Is From Space

Sort of

A researcher of the Planetology Institute at Stuttgart University has determined that a Tibetan statue brought to Germany by a Nazi expedition has some extraterrestrial origins. The statue of a Buddhist god wearing a swastika was taken in 1938 by a team of Nazis and remained in private hands until 2007. After some analysis, Elmar Buchner discovered that the statue was actually carved from a meteorite. "It is rich in nickel, it is rich in cobalt,” he said. “It is the rarest type of meteorite you can find." It is the only known human figure carved from a meteorite.

Via National Geographic


    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Police Hunt Blow Gun Attacker

Unknown assailant attacks two women with darts

Police in Rogers, Arkansas, are searching for the culprit behind two separate dart attacks that took place on Wednesday of last week. The victims, both women, were on the street when a car slowed and fired a dart from the passenger side with what police believe to have been a blow gun. The first victim was struck in the back while using a crosswalk. The second was struck in the neck and was taken to a nearby hospital to have the dart removed.