June 3, 2013

    Photo: Ray Bouknight

Man Dies After Yosemite Waterfall Plunge

Second fatality of season

A 19-year-old California man is missing and presumed dead after tumbling over a 594-foot waterfall in Yosemite, park officials say. Aleh Kalman of Sacremento was swimming in the Merced river about 150 feet upstream from the falls when he was caught in a current and swept over the edge. While rescuers have yet to find his body, park spokesperson Kari Cobb said that the chances Kalman survived are slim.

Kalman is the second person killed in a tumble from a Yosemite waterfall this year. In May, 73-year-old Kenneth Stensby's body was found at the bottom of the 317-foot-high Vernal Fall.


    Photo: sagriffin305/Flickr

IOC Candidate: Include More Sports at Summer Games

Thinks wrestling will be included in 2020 Games

A candidate for the presidency of the International Olympic Committee has called for a "more creative approach" of adding sports to the Summer Olympic. Rather than axing out entire sports to remain within a cap of 10,500 athletes and 28 sports, Denis Oswald favors removing less competitive events within disciplines, the Associate Press reports.

"If you streamline some sports and keep only their events which are really universal, you could go further," Oswald said at a news conference. "This space can go to different sports so that we can really create fresh blood within the program."

Oswald also said he's "pretty convinced" that wrestling will return to the Olympics after being removed from the core list of sports. "I was very surprised that was wrestling was eliminated," Oswald said. "I think there were other ways to warn them."

Oswald is competing against IOC Vice Presidents Thomas Bach of Germany and Ng Ser Miang of Singapore, Richard Carrion of Puerto Rico, C.K. Wu of Taiwan, and Sergei Bubka of Ukraine. The election will be held in September.



Africanized Bees Kill Texas Man

Ran into their hive

A man from Texas was killed and a woman injured by an agitated hive of Africanized bees Saturday. Larry Goodwin was driving a tractor on his family's land when he hit a pile of wood, disturbing the hive, the Waco Tribune reports. Goodwin ran toward the nearest house and turned a hose on himself, but the bees pursued him. A woman who came to his aid was also stung and is listed in serious condition. Goodwin was pronounced dead on the scene.

African bees were brought over to Brazil in 1957 and have since mated with European bees, moving north into the southern U.S. Since the 1990s, eight people have been killed by the hybrid Africanized bees.

While they posses the same venom as their European brethren, Africanized hybrids have an impulse to sting that's 10 times greater. They'll also follow victims up to a quarter of a mile and remain aggressive up to 24 hours after an initial attack.



Climbers Buy Red River Gorge Land

Acquire several new miles of cliff

One of America's premier climbing destinations got a little bit bigger this week with the Red River Gorge Climbers' Coalition's announcement that it purchased several new miles of largely undeveloped cliffline in Beattyville, Kentucky.

The land's previous owner, Libby Roach, approached the RRGCC about selling the tract in early 2013, the organization said in a blog post announcing the sale. According to Climbing Narc, the RRGCC came up with the $245,000 using a $10,000 grant and a $200,000 loan from the Access Fund, making up the difference using its own budget.

"Like the [Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Reserve], Miller Fork is going to change the game in the Red," said RRGCC President Paul Vidal. "Acquiring this property illustrates the strength of the climbing community in this region and its importance to the area."