May 17, 2012

    Photo: Flickr

Ferrari Takes First Giro Stage Win

Italian rider on top after controversial crash

Cyclist Roberto Ferrari took the 11th stage of the Giro d'Italia on Wednesday, notching his first Grand Tour win only days after a controversial crash with British rider Mark Cavendish. Ferrari gained unwelcome attention on stage three when an aggressive move sent Cavendish to the ground, prompting calls for Ferrari to be removed from the race. He was later relegated to last place after a race jury found him responsible for the accident. On Wednesday, he took a narrow spring win on the 158-mile stage between Assisi and Montecatini Terme. Spanish rider Joaquin Rodriguez holds onto the overall lead after finishing in the middle of the pack.

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Sketchers shoes

Sketchers shoes     Photo: Charles Williams/Flickr

Skechers to Pay $40 Million Settlement

Benefits of rockered shoes exaggerated

Skechers USA, Inc. has agreed to pay at least $40 million to settle a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit over false claims about the health benefits of its Shape Up shoes. The settlement will be the largest ever in FTC history and follows a similar $25 million ruling against Reebok last September over its similarly rockered Toning shoes. Skechers has said that its shoes provide a passive muscle toning effect for wearers—claims that are not supported by legitimate research. "Skechers put its foot in its mouth," said FTC official David Vladeck. Consumers who purchased the shoes are eligible for a refund.

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Swimming horse

Swimming horse     Photo: cynoclub/Shutterstock

Horse Rescued After Three-Mile Swim

Animal spooked at beach-side photo shoot

Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol officials on Tuesday rescued an Arabian show horse named William three miles off the coast of California after he became spooked and ran into the ocean during a beach-side photo shoot. Ryan Kelly, a Harbor Patrol officer, led a search team that found William's head poking out of the water among sea birds. "It was a real needle-in-a-haystack kind of find,” Kelly said. Rescuers reined William in with a boat hook and slipped a harness under his saddle to keep him buoyant. After a two-hour boat ride, a vet evaluated William and deemed him in good health. It was his first swim.

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Bees     Photo: vagawi/Flickr

Hiker Stung By 300 Africanized Bees

Man airlifted to hospital

A hiker was hospitalized after being attacked and stung by 300 bees outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday. Albert Watson, 69, was hiking on Lone Mountain when a colony of bees swarmed without warning. Watson ran up the mountain, hoping that the wind might disperse them. Eventually the attack abated and Watson was able to locate other hikers, who called for help. A helicopter airlifted Watson to the nearest hospital. Experts say the bees in the Lone Mountain area are Africanized honey bees, also known as killer bees, and will give chase for up to half a mile when they detect CO2. "At that point they become extremely aggressive, it becomes their home and all the science fiction types of things you hear, most of them are pretty much true," said entomologist Grady Jones.

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Plastic bag

Plastic bag     Photo: londonista_londonist/Flickr

Plastic-Bag Ban to Take Effect in Hawaii

State first with comprehensive rule

Hawaii is preparing to become the country's first state to ban plastic bags at retail stores. Honolulu County passed an ordinance last week that will outlaw both non-biodegradable plastic bags and paper bags that are less than 40 percent recycled beginning in July 2015. Kauai and Maui already have bans in effect, and a ban in Hawaii County will begin in January 2013.

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