February 8, 2012
Cyclist Jeannie Longo

Cyclist Jeannie Longo     Photo: Ludo29880/Flickr

French Police Arrest Longo's Husband

Ciprelli suspected of buying EPO

The doping scandal that has haunted decorated French cyclist Jeannie Longo since August took another turn on Wednesday when French police arrested Patrice Ciprelli, Longo's husband, on charges that he illegally bought the blood booster EPO. In August, the French cycling federation banned Ciprelli after disgraced American cyclist Joe Papp claimed he had helped Ciprelli find a Chinese supplier of EPO. That ban was later overturned. Longo, 53, is an Olympic gold medalist and a 58-time French national champion. In November, she escaped a possible two-year ban for missing three out-of-competition drug tests.

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Mountain lion at the Houston Zoo

Mountain lion at the Houston Zoo     Photo: MIKE FISHER/Flickr

TX Authorities Search for Mountain Lion

Boy, 6, attacked on Sunday

Wildlife authorities at Big Bend National Park in Texas are searching for a mountain lion that attacked a six-year-old boy on Sunday. River Hobbs was walking between his parents near a lodge in Chisos Basin when a "small and haggard-looking" lion attacked, biting and scratching his face. "This attack did not happen on a trail. We were not hiking," Kristi Harris, River's mother, told the Austin Statesman. "We were on a paved walkway in between a restaurant and a hotel, and this cat grabbed my child from me." Hobbs's father Jason fought back with a pocket knife and forced the lion away. Park officials have asked hikers to avoid the area until the animal is captured or killed.

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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong     Photo: U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Tabitha M. Mans/Wikimedia

Feds Redportedly Split on Armstrong ruling

FBI "angered" by U.S. Attorney's decision

Last week's decision by U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. to close a two-year investigation into allegations that Lance Armstrong doped was unpopular with other federal investigators, according to the The Wall Street Journal. And on Wednesday, NRP's Tom Goldman reported that officials at the FBI, FDA, and U.S. Postal Service met the news with "surprise, even shock and anger." Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for Birotte, said that the decision was made in consultation with other investigators at the U.S. Attorney's office. "We cannot and will not discuss the internal deliberations and the basis on which the U.S. attorney made the decision not to proceed in the case," Mrozek said.

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Cyclist in Paris

Cyclist in front of the Hotel de Sully, Paris     Photo: malias/Flickr

Paris Cyclists Allowed to Run Red Lights

New rule to be tested at 15 intersections

Bicyclists in Paris are now allowed to proceed through red traffic lights as part of a test program to improve accident statistics. The rule, which city councilors approved last week, will be tested at 15 crossroads and could be implemented citywide. Similar experiments in other French cities have shown no rise in cyclist accidents. Proponents say it could actually decrease accidents that occur when riders compete with vehicles during heavy traffic. Cyclists would still be required to yield to vehicles and pedestrians at intersections and could be held liable in accidents.

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