August 17, 2012

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Giant Catfish Ransacks Home

Initially thought to be a burglary

A marauding giant catfish ransacked the home of a Chinese couple in Xinjiang Province after they briefly left the door open before heading out for work. When Xu Xianmin and his wife returned home and found their table turned over and bottles strewn about, they immediately feared that burglars had broken in. But as Xu began cleaning up the detritus, his hand brushed something cold, slippery, and wriggling. After consulting with his neighbors, Xu discovered that the home-wrecker was a large catfish. "No thieves would leave a giant fish in the house while stealing nothing,” he said. “And it's not possible that someone threw the fish in through the window, as the door and windows were locked.” While there are no ponds or rivers near the Xianmin residence, catfish can survive for prolonged periods out of water.

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Hikers Rescued From Longs Peak

Mistakenly climbed technical route

Two hikers were rescued by rangers in Rocky Mountain National Park after mistakenly climbing a technical route on Longs Peak and becoming stuck on a ledge. The unnamed men set out to climb the standard Keyhole Route, but veered off course when they followed the lights of headlamps of a group of climbers on the steep east face. The two ended up running into a Colorado Mountain School guide roping up at the bottom of the peak's Diamond face and asking him if the 5.10 route he was about to start was the easiest way to the summit. The guide called for a rescue over his radio, and rangers used ropes to lower the men about 600 feet to safety. The two men were among seven people who had to be rescued on Tuesday, including a 27-year-old man who was carried out with a leg injury and a woman from Chicago who fell off a horse.

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NYC Bike-Share Postponed Until March

Officials blame malfunctioning software

New York City’s bike-share program was supposed to launch at the end of last month. Now, after much hedging, officials say it won’t be ready to go until next spring, citing ongoing software issues. "The software doesn’t work. Until it works, we’re not going to put it out," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “We did think there would be a possibility we would have bikes on the streets this summer. We think ... this spring." Phase one of the the Citi Bank-sponsored program—7,000 bikes, 420 stations—is now scheduled for March. Eventually, the city plans to offer 10,000 rentable bikes, which would make it the largest bike-share program in the country.

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70-Year-Old Climber Survives Week in Crevasse

First request: a beer

A 70-year-old German man survived six days in a crevasse in the Austrian Alps by rationing a bar of chocolate and drinking glacial melt. The man had been touring the Schrankogel mountain without a rope when he feel 32 to 50 feet into the crevasse, landing on a ledge of ice. After six days nearby climbers heard his screams and rescuers were able to pull him out with a rope. He was then airlifted to a hospital in Innsbruck, where he is currently recovering. Despite the fall and freezing cold, he suffered no serious injuries and was in reasonably good spirits when found. "One of the treating physicians told us that one of the first things the 70-year-old asked for was a beer with a shot of lemonade," said Johannes Schwamberger, spokesman for the hospital in Innsbruck, Austria.