October 2, 2012

    Photo: Paul from www.Castaways.com.au/Flickr

Great Barrier Reef Coral Drops by Half

Could halve again over next decade

Over the last 27 years, coral cover in the Great Barrier Reef has decreased by more than 50 percent due to a combination of beaching, increased storm activity, and a boom in coral-eating starfish. At the current rate, the amount over coral cover will halve again within 10 years, according to a collection of studies published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal. From 1985 to 2012, the amount of coral cover decreased from 28 to 13.8 percent. About two-thirds of the loss has occurred since 1998, with the decline increasing to about 1.45 percent per year from 2006 on. Researchers believe the coral loss can be halted if the starfish population is brought under control and worldwide carbon emissions are cut. 

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GPS Led Canadian Couple to Tragedy

Husband's remains found after wife was stranded for weeks on mountain road

The remains of a Canadian man who disappeared outside a small Nevada town were found this week, bringing to a close an ordeal that began 18 months ago near the Nevada-Idaho state line. Albert and Rita Chretian were on their way to a Las Vegas trade show when their GPS led them astray, taking them through a dangerous pass and eventually stranding them on a deserted road six miles from Mountain City, Nevada. Albert left to search for help and never returned. Authorities believe Albert became caught in a snowstorm and succumbed to the cold. Rita was stranded for seven weeks, surviving on trail mix and snow, until she was found by a volunteer search-and-rescue team.

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Puigblanque, Kim Win at Atlanta Climbing World Cup

FSC announces Olympic bid details

Ramón Julian Puigblanque of Spain and Jain Kim of Korea took first place in the U.S.'s only lead climbing World Cup over the weekend, edging out Jakob Schubert and Maja Vidmar with strong performances in the semifinals. The victories come just a few days after the International Federation of Sport Climbing announced that it would focus its 2020 Olympic bid exclusively on lead climbing, leaving out the other two disciplines of bouldering and speed climbing. Puigblanque and Kim both currently sit in second place in the World Cup lead rankings.

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    Photo: Loren Holmes/Alaska Dispatch

80 Polar Bears Invade Town as Ice Melts

Kaktovic's annual whale hunt draws number

Whale remains left by the Arctic Alaskan town of Kaktovic after the annual hunt drew record numbers of polar bears to the small community last month. Researchers who use the town to monitor bear populations counted 80 bears in a single day, besting the previous record of 65, set in 2004. The sharp increase has been attributed in large part to the record retreat of Arctic sea ice, which reached an all-time low in August. The bears, who traditionally rely on fat reserves during the summer months, are being stretched to their limits by the increased period between the melting of the ice and its return.

Via Alaska Dispatch