October 12, 2011

Smog in Los Angles     Photo: mack911/Flickr

Groups Sue EPA Over Ozone Ruling

Newly released standards unsafe, suit says

Five environmental organizations have filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to toughen the allowable limit of ozone in the atmosphere. Last month, President Obama ordered the agency not to lower the ozone limit to 70 parts per billion from the current limit of 75. The lower amount, Obama said, would unduly burden the U.S. economy as it struggles to emerge from a three-year recession. The plaintiffs include the American Lung Association and the Appalachian Mountain Club. According to the EPA's own estimates, medical problems associated with the higher limit could pose similar or greater costs on the economy.

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Gorilla     Photo: Brokinhrt2/Flickr

Gorilla Poachers Kill Ranger in Cameroon

Endangered gorillas die, 2nd ranger injured

Poachers in Cameroon shot two endangered gorillas, then killed a park ranger who discovered the poachers as they returned to collect the carcasses. Zomedal Pierre Achille was found stripped and tied to a tree near Lobeke National Park, the World Wildlife Federation said. He had been beaten and shot in the chest and back. Achille's partner, Jean Fils Mamendji, was shot in the arm and shoulder during the attack, but managed to escape. The two endangered western lowland gorillas would have been worth about $200 if sold as bushmeat.

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Bear spray

Bear spray     Photo: jkbrooks85/Flickr

Hotel Evacuated in Bear Spray Mishap

Maid hospitalized after can discharges

Officials evacuated 200 people from Salt Lake City's Marriot hotel earlier this week after a hotel maid accidently discharged a cannister of bear spray when she bumped into it with her cleaning cart. Bear spray, which is more effective in halting bear attacks than even firearms, is roughly ten times more potent than pepper spray. The maid was later hospitalized.

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Blood Transfusion

Blood Transfusion     Photo: El Alvi/Flickr

Riccardo Ricco Could Get 12-Year Ban

Cyclist caught transfusing his own blood

The Italian Olympic Committee has recommended a 12-year ban on competition for Riccardo Ricco, an Italian cyclist and 2008 Tour de France stage winner who is facing his second doping charge. Ricco, who was suspended in 2008 for positive tests at the Tour de France, was admitted to a hospital for complications due to an alleged self-transfusion of his own blood in February. In addition to the ban, Ricco could face jail time.

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Deer Buck

Deer Buck     Photo: jonnnnnn/flickr

In Reversal, Deer Kill Man

Officials in Canada blame rutting season

A New Brunswick deer farmer died of multiple antler wounds and massive internal injuries after his domesticated herd attacked him Sunday night. Donald Dube went out to feed the deer and failed to return, prompting his wife to call the police. "What I can surmise in this case is the male deer detected the owner as being a threat," Sargent Marc Violette said.

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