February 7, 2013

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Villagers Track Down Leopard After Attack

Three people in critical condition

Villagers in the Indian state of Assam raised a few eyebrows after they beat and hanged a leopard that had attacked a family in their home. The leopard entered the house of Haren Roy on Wednesday and attacked him and two other family members, placing all three in critical condition. The villagers chased down the leopard, and then beat it to death before hanging it by the neck from a tree.

India’s forest department has struggled to protect the endangered leopard, as violent encounters between the animal and humans have increased in recent years. Unofficial reports place the figure of leopards killed by humans at around 70 between 2005 and 2011. The villagers in Assam claim that they had attempted to contact the forest service but were forced to act before the animal committed more attacks.

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    Photo: Absinthologue

Adam Ondra Climbs the World's Hardest Route—Again

Finishes La Dura Dura project

Adam Ondra completed one of the hardest climbs in the world on Thursday, linking the well-known La Dura Dura project in Oliana, Spain. Speaking to climbing site 8a.nu, Ondra said he almost didn't try the route the day he sent.

"It was 2nd day on, my forearms felt sore in the morning. I was thinking of calling it a rest day," Ondra said in a text message. "But I was less nervous and battled through the bottom and got very pumped to the 2nd crux, where I didn't fall despite no expectations. Sticking the jug, I felt like having a heat attack but I kept it together."

Ondra has proposed a grade of 5.15c—the hardest in the world—for La Dura Dura. Originally equipped by Chris Sharma, the 165-foot sport pitch is Ondra's second proposed 5.15c, following his first ascent of Change last year.

On Monday, Sharma completed another hard route, sending his long-time project Stoking the Fire, for which he's suggested a grade of 5.15b.


Unknown heart conditions lead to frequent deaths in swimming.     Photo: Patrick Fitzgerald/Flickr

Young UK Swimmer Dies of Heart Attack

Olympic hopeful aimed to compete in Rio

The U.K. swimming community has been deeply affected by the death of a high school swimmer who suffered a heart attack this past weekend. Chloe Waddell, 16, competed at the UK Olympic trials in 2012 and dreamed of competing at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Waddell was found unconscious by her parents, who tried to revive her. She was taken to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead.

Investigators are waiting to get results from the coroner's office, but police have said there is no indication of foulplay.

Waddell had competed at various British championships and raced against U.K. swim star Rebecca Adlington in the trials for the London Olympics.

Via The Guardian


An albatross can spend whole years at sea.     Photo: protographer23/Flickr

62-Year-Old Albatross Has Miracle Baby

Bird is oldest known in wild

Wisdom, a 62-year-old albatross, has hatched another chick. As the oldest known wild bird, scientists are astounded by her fertility. Those studying Wisdom's chick say the young bird appears healthy, but she might face teasing by her much older siblings.

Wisdom lives on Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Famous as the site of a battle against Japan, Midway is now a national wildlife refuge that is home to hundreds of thousands of albatross every year. The bird was first tagged during the Eisenhower administration in 1956 by a scientist for the U.S. Geological Survey. At the time she was estimated to be about five years old. Time has certainly flown by (Good one—Ed.).

“If she were human, she would be eligible for Medicare in a couple of years, yet she is still regularly raising young and annually circumnavigating the Pacific Ocean,” said Bruce Peterjohn, chief of the North American bird banding program at the U.S. Geological Survey. “Simply incredible.”

The oldest known woman to give birth naturally was 59 at the time. Scientists estimate that Wisdom has given birth to 35 chicks in her lifetime and based on her annual flight patterns has traveled between two and three million miles, or about four trips to the moon and back.