October 8, 2012

    Photo: M I T C H Ǝ L L/Flickr

Schools Reconsider Running Punishment

"Give me 20 laps!" may be illegal

Goofing off at a high school sports practice somewhere in Iowa? Well, your days of being punished with laps could be coming to an end. A Des Moines high school football coach is being accused of violating the state's laws against corporal punishment in schools after he reportedly made a sophomore player run more than 20 hill sprints, complete at least 20 up-downs, and run two laps around the practice field for making disparaging comments about the school’s varsity team. The coach was suspended, and school officials are reexamining their policies. There is an exemption in the state code that allows corporal punishment through “reasonable requests” for extracurricular activities, but some in youth athletics are worried that this incident might cause an overreaction from school officials. “If they start disallowing any form of discipline in this way, I think youth sports are in trouble,” said Tom Wilson, activities director at Dowling Catholic High School.

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    Photo: Garrett Madison/Alpine Ascents International

Rémy Lécluse's Body Found on Manaslu

Böhm claims first oxygen-free ski descent

A team of Sherpas has found the body of Chamonix skier Rémy Lécluse on Manaslu, two weeks after he was reported missing in a massive avalanche. Ishwari Paudel, managing director of Himalayan Guide, said that a team of seven Sherpas had discover Lécluse's remains. "His body was swept about 600 metres from the Camp Three. The Sherpas pulled it out from a crevasse," Paudel said. Lécluse was attempting to ski Manaslu with Glen Plake and Greg Costa; while Plake survived the avalanche, Costa is missing and presumed dead. Last week, Dynafit skier Benedikt Böhm claimed Manaslu's first oxygen-free ski descent, calling it "the worst ski descent ever."

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Travis Posey hops over the log hurdle carrying Nicole Sweet at the 2012 North American Wife Carrying Championship Saturday at Sunday River.     Photo: Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Finns Reclaim Wife Carrying Title

Couple win woman's weight in beer

Finnish couple Taisto Miettinen and Kristina Haapanen took first place in the North American Wife Carrying Championship, which took place Saturday at Sunday River in Maine. The pair completed the race, a 260-yard course that includes sand traps, water holes, and hurdles, in 53.22 seconds. The couple used the popular Estonian method of wife carrying, in which the woman wraps her legs around her man’s neck and hangs down, facing his back. Their prize was a check for $530 and “the woman’s weight in beer.” This is Miettinen and Haapanen’s second wife carrying title, having already won the World Championship in Helsinki this past July.

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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong     Photo: U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Tabitha M. Mans/Wikimedia

USADA Report to Detail Armstrong Case

Organization expects to release it this week

The United States Anti-Doping Agency plans to release a report this week that presents the evidence and testimony against Lance Armstrong, who was banned for life from cycling after deciding not to fight doping accusations in August. The report is expected to include testimony from friends and former teammates, including George Hincapie, Tyler Hamilton, Levi Leiphemer, Chritian Vande Velde and Dave Zabriskie. In response to news of the release, Armstrong's camp released a statement saying that there would be nothing of interest in the report. “This is all the same, old, worn-out stuff that USADA and others have been peddling for years and that almost everyone has already made up their minds about,” said Mark Fabiani, Armstrong’s spokesman.

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