May 24, 2012
Navy warship

    Photo: Official U.S. Navy Imagery/Flickr

Iran Navy Rescues U.S. Cargo Ship

Vessel attacked by pirates

An Iranian Navy vessle on Wednesday rescued an American cargo ship from a pirate attack in the Gulf of Oman. The 500-foot Maersk Texas had disembarked from the United Arab Emirates port of Fujairah and was sailing for the U.S. when several small pirate ships besieged the vessel. The pirates fled when the Iranian navy ship approached, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency. Iranian commanders say their navy has engaged in hundreds of anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Oman over the past three years, but this is the first time they have saved an American ship. The U.S. navy has rescued several Iranian ships in the area.

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African elephants in Zimbabwe

African elephants in Zimbabwe     Photo: kevinzim/Flickr

Authorities Seize Elephant Tusks

Ivory headed for Dubai

Authorities in Sri Lanka seized hundreds of elephant tusks after a scan revealed the contraband in three shipping containers. The ivory, which was intercepted on its way to Dubai, was sent from the Kenyan port of Mombasa, although Kenyan wildlife officials are unsure where the tusks originated. A fourth container was discovered in Kenya. More ivory was seized last year than in any year on record, according to the wildlife monitoring organization TRAFFIC.

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Outhouse     Photo: LaggedOnUser/Flickr

Man Survives Outhouse Bear Mauling

Fisherman saved by friend's shotgun

A 65-year-old fisherman survived a black bear attack in an outhouse at Dunbar Lake in Ontario on Saturday. Gord Shurvell of Winnipeg says he was using the facilities when a bear burst in. "[H]e grabbed my pants that were down around my ankles ... and he just kept coming," Shurvell said. The bear dragged Shurvell about 15 meters from the outhouse and left deep wounds on his back and head. Shurvell's fishing partner killed it with a shotgun. Local officials say there has been increased bear activity in the area but no reported attacks.

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Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings     Photo: Patrick Hoesly/Flickr

U.S. And IOC Agree Over Olympic Ad Fees

Deal means USOC can bid on games

Olympic officials on Thursday reached an agreement that ends a years-long dispute over advertising revenues from the Olympics, freeing the U.S. to make a bid for the 2022 or 2024 games. The conflict centered on the USOC's cut of ad and sponsorship revenues generated from the games, which the International Olympic Committee had argued were overly generous. The new contract cuts the USOC's share of profits by almost half. Salt Lake City, Denver, and Bozeman, Montana, may bid for the 2022 Winter Games. Also on Thursday, the IOC narrowed the potential host cities for the 2020 Summer Games to Tokyo, Istanbul, and Madrid.

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Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium     Photo: Frank Steiner/Flickr

U.K. Bans Rights Violators From Olympics

Officials want Russia, Bahrain excluded

The British government has forbidden world leaders guilty of human rights abuses from entering the United Kingdom for the Olympic Games, the Foreign Office announced Wednesday. Leaders will be denied entry if "there is independent, reliable and credible evidence that an individual has committed human rights abuses," said spokesman Jeremy Browne. The ban also covers anyone subject to a European Union or United Nations travel ban. A British lawmaker has called for additional bans on leaders from Russia and Bahrain, even though those nations are not currently facing any U.N. sanctions.

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