February 21, 2012
Anti-tank land mine

Anti-tank land mine     Photo: Naval History & Heritage Command/Flickr

Landmines Close Peru-Chile Border

Explosives washed up during flood

Officials closed the border between Peru and Chile on Monday after heavy flooding washed up 1970s-era landmines near a highway that connects the two countries. The Chilean army planted the mines during a period of tension between the countries in the 1970s. The total number of displaced mines is unkown, but at least four devices were detonated near the highway that connects Tacna, Peru, to Arica, Chile. The flooding, caused by unusually heavy summer rains, has also destroyed thousands of homes and displaced residents.

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Lance Armstrong running

Lance Armstrong running     Photo: David Ortez/Flickr

Kona Ironman Could Be Televised Live

Strong interest in Armstrong's participation

The World Triathlon Corporation is in talks with NBC about producing a live broadcast of this year's Kona Ironman World Championships as Lance Armstrong pursues a spot in the race. The network currently shows portions of the Kona race on tape delay, often two months after the event. Armstrong, a seven-time Tour de France winner and former professional triathlete, has provided a publicity boost to the sport. More than 150,000 visitors logged on to the WTC's website on February 12 to follow Armstrong's progress in a half-Ironman in Panama City, up from 7,500 for similar races a year before.

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Stevens Pass, Washington

Stevens Pass, Washington     Photo: jeffwilcox/Flickr

Washington Avalanches Claim Four

Dead include ski-industry insiders

A pair of avalanches left four men dead in Washington State over the weekend, including a pair of skiers well-know in the ski industry. On Saturday, a large slide hit a group of 12 in a backcountry area near Stevens Pass resort, 60 miles north of Seattle. Stevens Pass marketing director Chris Rudolph and World Extreme Skiing judge Jim Jack were both buried and killed. Editors from Powder Magazine and ESPN Freeskiing were skiing with the men when the slide broke but escaped unharmed. Professional skier Elyse Saugstad was also caught but deployed an avalanche airbag and survived. In a separate avalanche, 41-year-old snowboarder Karl Milanoski died near Alpental on Saturday. Avalanches have claimed 17 lives in the United States this season.

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Car buried in snow

Car buried in snow     Photo: -Live-/Flickr

Man Survives 2 Months in Car

In Sweden, man had no food

A man was pulled from his snow-bound car near the Swedish town of Umeå on Friday after surviving two months without food in sub-zero temperatures. Peter Skyllberg, 44, had reportedly subsited on nothing but snow and some ointment since December 19. A nearby store-owner who knew Skyllberg said that he had been living in the woods because financial trouble had forced him from town. Passing snowmobilers assumed the car was empty but saw a man wrapped in a sleeping bag in the backseat when they scrapped snow off the window. Doctors speculate that Skyllberg may have benefitted from an "igloo-effect" caused by a thick layer of snow around the vehicle. Another theory is that Skyllberg's body temperature dropped, slowing his metabolism and allowing him to go into a state similar to hibernation. "I suppose it might have been like an igloo, which is why he has managed to get through this cold. We have had down to -30 centigrade here. It is a strange story," said chief medical officer Dr. Ulsetts Berg of the Umeå University Hospital.

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