October 31, 2012

    Photo: Courtesy of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Lifeguards Rescued From Malibu Cliff

Pair became stranded attempting a rescue

Sheriff and fire department crews in Malibu rescued two lifeguards from a beachside cliff this weekend after they became stuck while trying to reach a woman who had become stranded high on the rocks. Lifeguards in a boat spotted the woman 50 feet up the cliff at Pirate's Cove and directed the two would-be rescuers to her position, where they, too, became stuck. By the time emergency crews arrived, a group of nearby climbers had already lowered the woman off the cliff. In a press release, officials said the incident was the second rescue at Pirate's Cove this year.



    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

After Hurricane Sandy, a Plague of Rats

Flood waters forcing pests out of subway tunnels

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers may soon be facing a plague of rats. As floodwaters filled the city's subway system, large numbers of rats were forced to the surface in search of food and shelter. Bennett Pearlman, of New York’s Positive Pest Management, explained that, while their tunnels and nests were flooded, most were able to escape via subway entrances and stairs. Thousands were seen hiding under cars and behind trash cans Tuesday as they waited for nightfall. The rats are expected to thrive above ground, where the flood has brought an abundance of sustenance in the form of rotting trash, as well as dead birds and fish.

Via National Geographic


    Photo: PoweriPics/Flickr

Armstrong Stripped of Key to Adelaide

City council votes 6-1 in favor

On Tuesday, the Australian city of Adelaide stripped Lance Armstrong of its highest honor, the key to the city. Following the recent USADA findings and the subsequent revocation of his seven Tour de France titles, Adelaide city councilors voted 6-1 on Tuesday to revoke the key. Armstrong chose Adelaide's Tour Down Under for his return to professional cycling in 2009, where he also launched Livestrong worldwide. "I will never forget the reception we received in Adelaide when we kicked off the Livestrong global campaign," Armstrong said in 2010. The 2011 Tour Down Under marked his last-ever race on cycling’s Pro Tour. Armstong is the first of the city's 33 recipients to have his key withdrawn. 

Via Associated Press