June 1, 2012
Malibu Lagoon

Malibu Lagoon     Photo: Marc Choquette/Flickr

Malibu Lagoon Restoration Postponed

Another delay in the divisive surf spot project

California State Park officials announced that a controversial restoration project scheduled to begin Friday at California's Malibu Lagoon State Beach has been postponed until Monday. District superintendent Craig Sap said the decision was in response to a conflict with a Saturday surfing event to benefit children with autism. Opponents of the plan contend that the delay is the result of a flawed dewatering plan. A year-long conflict over the restoration has divided environmentalists and surfers, who fear the project might spoil the beach's iconic waves. A final attempt by the opposing side to obtain a legal injuction against the start of the project failed in a state appeals court last week.

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Black bear cub, Alaska

Black bear cub, Alaska     Photo: Alan Vernon./Flickr

Bear Attacks Arizona Woman In Tent

Hounds and men on the hunt

On Thursday, a 74-year-old Arizona woman was attacked by a black bear that slashed through her tent in a Tonto National Forest campground. The woman and her husband, along with their dog, managed to scare away the bear, which had cut and bruised the woman's face. "They are very, very lucky," said Jim Paxon, a spokesman with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. "Anytime a bear rips through a tent and enters it with humans in it, that's a pretty big threat." Officials are now tracking the bear with dogs and intend to put it down. Authorities have evacuated the campground and closed it until the end of August as a precaution.

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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon     Photo: Moyan Brenn/Flickr

Grand Canyon Pipe Break Floods Trail

Third break in a week halts hikers

A Grand Canyon National Park pipeline carrying potable water below the rim ruptured on Thursday, temporarily halting cross-canyon travel. Rangers closed a one-mile section of the North Kaibab Trail when an exposed segment of the 16-mile water line washed out a 45-foot portion of the path. Maintenance crews expect to complete repairs to the pipe and reopen the trail by next Friday. The Park Service cautioned hikers to treat or filter water in the canyon in the meantime. This is the park's third pipeline breakage in a week, incidents that park officials attribute to the age of the pipes, which were installed in the 1960s.

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Saiga antelope

Saiga antelope     Photo: USFWS Headquarters/Flickr

Rare Antelope Deaths Linked to Spacecraft

1,000 die in Kazakhstan over two weeks

Scientists are blaming spacecraft for the deaths of nearly 1,000 rare saiga antelope over the past two weeks in Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture has attributed the deaths to a strain of bacteria that affects the animal's lungs. But some ecologists are linking the deaths to a Russian space capsule that landed in the northern part of the country in April. Others are blaming the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch site in central Kazakhstan. “It could be from chemical elements left from space rockets that fly over this place,” said ecologist Musagali Duambekov, leader of the For a Green Planet political movement. Last year, Kazakh officials attributed the death of 12,000 of the critically endangered antelope to the same strain of bacteria.

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