September 13, 2012

    Photo: Sporthotel Achental/Flickr

Monk Eats Bad Berries, Wanders Forest Nude

He was rescued by police

After receiving a call from a concerned hiker last week, German police responded to find a naked man wandering in the woods in the town of Traunstein. It turns out he was a Franciscan monk who was tripping on some bad berries. The monk had initially set out with his bike and a tent, planning to spend a few quiet days in the countryside. His plans were derailed after he accidentally ate some toxic fruit, started to hallucinate, and wandered away from his tent, unable to find his way back. The monk declined help from the hiker, who then reported the incident to authorities. The police found the nude Franciscan and brought him to a nearby hospital. As The Local reports, “It remains a mystery how he came to be naked.”

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New York Bans Large Sodas

Health initiative will outlaw containers over 16oz

Soft drink industry representatives are threatening New York with possible legal action after the city's board of health approved a ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks. The ban would prohibit the sale of non-diet sodas in containers over 16 ounces, and would apply to restaurants, movie theaters, and any other venue subject to Board of Health inspections. "The Board of Health has been doing this sort of thing for 150 years," Health Commissioner Thomas A. Farley told the New York Times. "If [the soft drink industry] is serious about trying to reduce the obesity epidemic, they should cooperate with us." Industry representatives would not comment on a possible lawsuit, but said that they will take any action necessary to stop the measure before it goes into effect next spring.

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Jackson Fire Started in Backyard

Elderly man is cooperating with investigators

The wildfire threatening Jackson, Wyoming, was started in the yard of an elderly resident south of town, witnesses report. In a statement released Tuesday, Jay and Jason Anderson said their 76-year-old father, James Anderson, is “extremely distraught” about starting the fire and is working with investigators on the fire that has burned four square miles of forest near Snow King Resort, just blocks from downtown Jackson. While no homes have been destroyed, 1,000 residents have been told to prepare to evacuate on short notice. The fire is 10 percent contained.

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The deep and dark grand Canyon of Stikine     Photo: Flickr

Jeff West Dies on the Stikine

Kayaker was attempting solo descent

Kayaker Jeff West has died on a solo attempt of the Grand Canyon of the Stikine River in British Columbia. He was 42. West had paddled the 45-mile stretch of Class V-VI rapids with Todd Wells and Erik Boomer in a single day in 2010. The descent normally takes three days. His body was found in an eddy on Tuesday and the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear. "There are only a few features I could imagine that could do Jeff in on day two," Boomer said. "That and some kind of bad luck." Boomer was due to make his own solo descent shortly thereafter and calls the Stikine "the hardest whitewater of my life." West paddled for Jackson Kayak, twice reaching the finals of the U.S. Team Trials, and owned the Ace Kayaking School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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