October 20, 2011
Sewer Overflow

Sewer Overflow     Photo: Zol87/Flickr

NY Puts $2 Billion to Sewer Overhaul

Proposal addresses storm runoff

New York City announced on Wednesday that it will allocate $2.4 billion to overhaul it aging sewer system. Because the sewers currently combine channels for sewage and runoff water, heavy rainfall during storms has caused the system to overflow and dump raw sewage into the city’s waterways. The project will build a system of passive water collectors to hold storm water and release it more slowly so it does not overflow the sanitation sewer. The plan has been tentatively approved by the State Department of Environmental Conservation and awaits a 30-day public comment period.

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Mountains near Obertauern

Mountains near Obertauern     Photo: freiheitsfreund/Flickr

Skier Sentenced in Wife's Avalanche Death

Man convicted of manslaughter

A court in Austria handed down a three-month suspended sentenced to a French man who killed his wife when he triggered an avalanche on a backcountry expedition in 2010. The judge ruled that the man, who is not named in news reports but is described as a professional ski guide, should have advised his wife to turn on her avalanche beacon. The ruling has been widely criticized ski community.

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A car from the 2009 World Solar Challenge

A car from the 2009 World Solar Challenge     Photo: Alex Healing/Flickr

Japanese Team Wins Solar Challenge

Solar car drives 1,800 miles in four days

A team from Japan's Tokai University won Australia's World Solar Challenge for the second consecutive time, traveling 1,800 miles in an entirely solar-powered car. On Sunday, the team left Darwin, in Australia's Northern Territory, with 36 other teams from 21 countries, and finished in South Australia's Adelaide at about 1 P.M. on Thursday. Teams faced unexpected obstacles including wildfires and 30- to 40-mile-per-hour crosswinds. Held every two to three years since 1987, the World Solar Challenge seeks to advance research on viable solar-powered cars.

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Penguin in New Zealand

Penguin in New Zealand     Photo: Herr_Bert/flickr

Handmade Sweaters Protect NZ Penguins

Knitters respond to oil spill

A yarn shop in New Zealand has received a "deluge" of handmade sweaters from knitters across the world after asking for sweaters to protect penguins affected by an oil spill off the coast of Tauranga. Penguin sweaters are used to prevent the birds from ingesting oil through preening and also to keep them warm before and after the oil is cleaned from their feathers. The store recently post a note of its website indicating that they have received more than enough sweaters and will begin a stockpile for future use.   

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